How Indian scammers used Captain Lee’s identity for a major online scam

Captain Lee

The identity of Captain Lee has been hijacked.

According to a report by Page Six, the beloved “Below Deck” star has unwittingly become involved in an elaborate online scam.

Sources say that fraudsters are impersonating the captain and pretending that he’s become a recruiter for cruise giant Princess. They’ve even mocked up his passport — featuring a promo shot lifted from the Bravo show as his ID photo — to send to marks to “confirm” that he was who he claimed to be.

The scammers have been advertising dozens of nonexistent jobs on Facebook, along with a purported pitch from Captain Lee, and asking hopefuls to send an application fee of 15,000 Indian rupees, equal to about $200 in US currency.

The message attributed to Captain Lee reads in part, “I want you to know I am a God fearing man and we treat out workers like our own family and also increase there [sic] salary after one month of work.” It promises a $7,000-a-month salary. Sources say that his team only learned about it because some of the applicants e-mailed his real Web site to ask if the situation was legit.

Princess Cruises did not reply to equations by Page Six.


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