Police in Germany have captured Yves Rausch, a fugitive called ‘Black Forest Rambo’

Black Forest Rambo

German police have captured a 31-year-old fugitive dubbed “Black Forest Rambo” after a five-day manhunt

He was captured after he singlehandedly overpower four cops to escape into the forested wilds of southern Germany

Yves Rausch, whose nationality has not been confirmed, was captured July 17 after more than 2,500 police and safety officials scoured the area to find him, reported Deutsche Welle.

Rausch, who reportedly had been clad in camouflage, managed to steal the weapons from the police officers who confronted him in a forest hut near the town of Offenburg on July 12.

Armed to the teeth, the suspect — whom one prosecutor likened to a survivalist — finally surrendered after being surrounded in Oppenau, located about 10 miles east of Offenburg. In addition to the massive use of manpower, the extensive search included helicopters, thermal detectors and scent-sniffing dogs, noted BBC News.

“I am very relieved,” said Oppenau Mayor Uwe Gaiser after Rausch’s arrest. “I think a line can be drawn under a really extraordinary situation for our little town.”

The four missing police weapons were found plus an additional handgun, reported The Associated Press.

Rausch, no stranger to the long arm of the law, was found in possession of child pornography in 2019 while being investigated for owning explosives, according to the BBC.

Police discovered various weapons at an apartment where he lived in 2019 before becoming homeless.

His mother claims that he was evicted from his apartment that same year.

Rausch will be given a psychiatric assessment and be tested for abused substances, according to Deutsche Welle.