BREAKING: Several branches of the Redeemed Christian Church of God in America break away from the headquarter in Nigeria

A Redeemed Christian Church of God branch in the United States America has now broken away from the Nigerian headquarters after several years of takeover battle from the headquarters.

There are indications that many more churches in the United States are going to break away according to people with the knowledge of the matter.

In a video released on Twitter, one of the pastors leading the breakaway, Pastor Tola Odutola of the Jesus House RCCG located in Baltimore Maryland, narrated the battle the allegedly fought with the Redeemed Christian Church of God North American headquarters who planned to take over all assets but not liabilities of the churches.

He alleged that they had to break away when they refused to hand over all the assets of the churches which were not owned or created by the headquarters.

According to him, last Sunday was their first Sunday of being independent churches and they will no longer be part of the Redeemed Christian Church of God North America which is being controlled by the Nigerian headquarters.

A member who shared his views anonymously in support of the pastor and others who are planned to breakaway said:

“I AM a member of JHB and have attended since 2004, and also attended branches of RCCG (Victory Parish in V/I, etc) while growing up in Lagos; so I’ll say I’ve attended Redeemed since about 1995 or so.”

“I know Pastor Tola is a GREAT man and if you watched the entire clip, you’d realize that the conditions the RCCG North America headquarters gave the pastors here was in my opinion, an “ungodly” and inconsiderate one and thus SEVERAL RCCG pastors (including those in DC, NJ, other parts of MD, etc), decided NOT to sign and instead become independent entities.”

“You can’t have someone go start off a branch with zero assistance/resources to begin and then they struggle with their families, eventually find a location, rent out spaces and then raise funds or take loans to build a church, grow it over many years and even decades and all of a sudden you now want them to sign and hand over ALL the assets they’ve acquired for the branch but then leave them ALL the liabilities to deal with themselves. Such decisions should’ve been made, shared and agreed upon from the beginning.”

“Plus, suddenly requiring that all RCCG NA churches be listed under the same EIN number, would mean that if one branch ever got cited or sued for something, then they ALL get affected for no fault of their own. So my point is IF you’re gonna share a story, then at least do the due diligence of researching it in detail and tell it as it actually happened, so as not to paint him and the other branch pastors badly.”

“Plus, No pastor “followed” him to break away, they all have minds of their own and equally made their own decisions whether to stay or leave. That’s all,” he said.

Pastor Tola Odutola is one of the pastors who broke away from the Nigerian headquarters.

Another member said:

“Can I just start by saying this is my Pastor and i am absolutely proud of this decision. But sir, it took too damn long. I have despised RCCG but loved you and the church i grew up in that i was okay if you thought it was okay. The things i have seen working closely with RCCG pastors irks me so much that i could not stand working at Festival of Life DC.”

“I hated the way people played God and made life so difficult. I hated the way the leadership of the church showed their hate for the blessings evident at JHB. i mean, we own a hundred acres in God’s own country? who the hell are we? At some point we all gotta consider the common denominator. Pastor Ighodalo, Peter Balogun, Tony Rapu and many more have left and God has not stopped blessing and growing their ministries,” he said.

Without a doubt God will pick up this new chapter and blow minds. You think JHB was on point under RCCG? Wait to see what God has in stock for us.

I wish every JHB member a huge congratulations. This is worth a celebration.

The Nigerian headquarters headed by the General Overseer, Pastor Enoch Adeboye has not responded to the news of the breakaway churches in the United States.

According to the website of Jesus House Baltimore, Odutola was a Chartered Accountant at Peat Marwick, KPMG in Nigeria. He was also at DHL as Treasury Controller and Business Development Manager before being called into full time ministry.

“In addition to being the Senior Pastor at Jesus House Baltimore, Pastor Tola is the Regional Pastor of Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCGNA) North America Region 9. (NAR 9).

“He also was the founding chairman of the Redeemer’s Leadership Institute (RLI). RLI is the Leadership arm of the Redeemed Christian Church of God North America (RCCGNA) which provides continuous training for Religious Leaders worldwide.

“Pastor Tola is the Chairman of Alpha Leadership Conference (ALC), an organization charged with promoting and teaching leadership skills to all people of all nations.

“He consults, mentors and coaches Pastors, speaks regularly at Leadership Conferences, Churches, Corporations, Minister’s Conferences, Seminars and other Leadership Development Opportunities”.

See the breakaway announcement videos below:



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