Nelson Mandela’s daughter, Zindzi Mandela has been buried

Nelson Mandela’s youngest daughter, Zindzi Mandela, has been buried at a private funeral, after she died at the age of 59 some days ago.

Zindzi who’s father was the first black president of South Africa, was buried on Friday 17th July.

Her family said that she tested positive to Coronavirus the day she died, but they are still awaiting her autopsy result.

Zindzi was South Africa’s ambassador to Denmark at the time of her death, which coincided with the anniversary of a car crash that claimed the life of her brother, 51 years earlier.

In a eulogy at a virtual memorial Thursday night, the president of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa thanked the Mandela family for sharing information about her death with the nation.

“In doing so you are helping to encourage social acceptance for sufferers .”
“This is a virus that affects us all , and there should never be any stigma around people who become infected.” Ramaphosa said.

Zindzi was buried next to her late mother who died about two years ago, at a cemetery in Fourways , a northern suburb of Johannesburg.

Radical leftist opposition leader Julius Malema paid tribute to Zindzi Mandela for her role in the liberation of South Africa from the shackles of apartheid.

He wrote:

“She survived the most brutal regime at an early age and we thought that this crisis and invisible enemy (coronavirus) we are confronted with today, she is going to survive it because she has seen worse.”
“And when people like mama Zindzi succumb to this invisible enemy we all remain hopeless and we are shattered,” Malema told public broadcaster SABC at the cemetery.

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