EXCLUSIVE: Roorkee Institute of Technology allegedly hires 30 men to lynch two Nigerian students

Two Nigerian students in India whose identities are yet to be determined have been lynched by an alleged gang of 30 men at the Roorkee Institute of Technology.

People with the knowledge of the matter claimed the men who carried out the lynching were hired by the school authorities. PageOne.ng cannot confirm the authenticity of the claim.

The Roorkee Institute of Technology is located in the Indian state of Uttarakhand.

People with the knowledge of the matter said the school authorities alleged that the two Nigerian students were caught ‘breaking rules’ of the school. There were no details on the particular rules they broke and whether they were put through standard school disciplinary procedures.

In the video posted below, a crowd of young men was seen beaten and dragging the two students on the floor and driving them to an unknown location.

Someone with the knowledge of the matter told PageOne.ng that the culture of mass lynching is becoming common in India especially against foreigners or people who oppose the government.

“They are racist & deliberately target Africans though some are trouble makers but using that as thumb rule is unacceptable. Unless you guys make a noise in your country this will reappear every 6 months. This has to stop
Social media works in India.

Concluding that it is not all Indians who are racist towards foreigners, he said:


Nigerian Professor, Charles Egbu appointed Vice Chancellor of UK University

“Believe not all Indians are like these BJp party workers”

It is not clear what happened to the two students after they were driven out of the school by the unidentified taxi man.


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