Why Kanye West could drop out of the U.S. presidential elections

Kanye West

There are early signs that American rapper and businessman, Kanye West might be dropping out of the presidential race, less than two weeks after he declared to run.

American political research company, Redfield & Wilton Strategies polled 2,000 Americans on July 9, five days after Kanye West declared he was running for president and the result was little short of an embarrassment.

According to Mirror UK, citing the result of the poll, showed Democratic candidate Joe Biden coming out on top scoring 48% of the vote (an increase of 8%), with incumbent President, Donald Trump, coming into second place with 40%.

Libertarian Party nominee Jo Jorgensen polled 1% of the vote, while Green Party hopeful Howie Hawkins also only scored 1%.

‘However, the results were rocked by the addition of Kanye – as he crowbarred his way into third place with 2% of the vote.’


Kanye West has appointed Nigeria’s Mowalola Ogunlesi as Design Director of Yeezy Gap

The Mirror reported that reportedly hired 180 campaign staff to help him in his five-month campaign for Presidency – but the team has allegedly been told the bid is off.

There are speculation that Kanye West is already considering dropping out but there is no time for the announcement.


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