Nigerian react as Pastor Adeboye reveals that his wife still cooks his food and serves him herself

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor E.A Adeboye, revealed that his wife still cooks for him and serves him herself, as she clocked 72.

Celebrating his wife, the Pastor took to Instagram to share some lessons young ladies can learn from his wife and this has sparked up reactions on social media.

According to Adeboye, his wife knows that he is the head of their home and does not delegate her primary duties when it concerns him to anyone else.

He said:

Today is my wife’s birthday and there are lessons that women, especially so many young brides can learn from her. She is a powerful woman, I know that.
She has many people who take instructions from her, but as powerful as she is, and even though she has seen me in my weakest moments, I have no doubt that I am her head.
It does not matter what is on her itinerary if I say I would like you to go with me to so and so place the best she can do is try to convince me otherwise.
If I insist, she would cancel whatever she was to do and come along with me. The Bible in Ephesians 5:23 says:
“For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church…”
The husband is the head of the wife. No matter how educated or successful you are, your husband is your head and you must regard him as such at all times. It is a terrible thing for a husband to feel his wife is his head.
Many men are misbehaving in their marriages simply because they want to establish that they are the head of their wives. Also, my wife is my number one fan.
She wrote in the book Mathematics of Marriage – which we coauthored, that as my helpmate she knows she cannot help me without my instructions, so when they come, her response is Yes sir.
Busy as she is, she still cooks my meals and serves me herself. Many young ladies these days leave everything to the house help. My wife still trims my nails for me.
There was a time when I was a teacher and was staying far from town. She had to cut my hair during that period. She is the only partner of the Adeboye Corporation; she doesn’t delegate her primary duties to anyone else.
Just like the virtuous woman described in Proverbs 31:1-31, I safely rest on my wife. Anything I uphold, she upholds too. Can your husband rely on you?.
Make up for your husband’s weaknesses, celebrate his successes, be his number one cheerleader. I wish my lovely wife a Happy Birthday.

Reacting to his statement, some Nigerians took to Social Media to celebrate the couple who have been married for over 50 years, while some critized them.

On Pastor Adeboye’s side is a young man who compared the Pastor’s marriage with that of Will Smith, encouraging people to learn from the Pastor.

“Woke marriage led Will Smith to ‘Bad Marriage for Life’
While Adeboye y’all criticize have a marriage older than ur actual age.
If u like go into entanglement marriage na u sabi.
Proverbs 29:1 A man who hardens his neck after much reproof Will suddenly be broken beyond remedy.” He tweeted.

Pastor Adeboye’s statement has however stirred a controversy as Feminists on the micro blogging app, Twitter are now dragging him for making his wife’s birthday all about himself.

A Twitter user with the username @soniaezee twitted:

Who trims her nail, who’s her cheerleader, she’s not deserving of that.On her freeking birthday you couldn’t give the woman a break you just made the whole thing about yourself, she basically exists through your shadow. Her purpose in life is to serve you all the days of her life.

Another Twitter user with the username @kennyoamusan twitted a list of three points, critizing the man of God.

“1.Pastor Adeboye forgot that ‘it is her birthday ‘ 2 .A man that constantly remind his wife that he is the head of the family is truely not ‘the head’ .
3. Cooking shouldn’t be a big deal in marriage . It’s not even a luxury now but a necessity to survive . It’s complentary.” @kennyoamusan twitted.

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