UK court convicts three teenagers of stabbing a student to death

A court in the UK has convicted three teenagers of stabbing a student to death outside a KFC shop today.

This is the first murder trial in the country to resume after the coronavirus outbreak.

Josiph Beker, 17, was knifed in a ‘sudden, brutal and deadly’ attack on Edgware Road, central London, last 10 September.

The business student at City and Westminster College near Edgware Road, was meeting his cousin, who cannot be named, on his lunch break when they were ambushed by an armed gang.

The group had travelled from south London to seek revenge following a fight outside City of Westminster College that morning.

His cousin watched him collapse to the ground ‘with a hole in his back’ after he was set upon by Zeshuan Daley, 18, and two 17-year-olds, who cannot be named due to their age.


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