Seoul Mayor who allegedly committed suicide has been accused of sexual harassment

A former secretary for the mayor of Seoul – who died last week in an apparent suicide – has accused him of four years of sexual harassment.

Park Won-soon was one of South Korea’s most influential leaders and was seen as a possible presidential candidate.

Last week, his body was found in woods on Friday – after a note to his family was found – and his funeral began on Monday.

His death came just a day after the secretary made a police complaint about his behaviour.

More than 500,000 people signed a petition saying Mr Park’s state-run five-day funeral should not go ahead.


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At a news conference this morning, the woman said she asked for help from Seoul City Hall but was ignored. She said the abuse continued even when she changed departments.

“I should have reported this in the beginning,” the alleged victim said in a letter that was read at the news conference. “I wonder if had, I wouldn’t be blaming myself now.


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