Read this before buying Tatcoin

Before you delve into any business or buy any product or service, it is important to first of all understand what you are about to buy.

First of all, the “TAT” in TATCOIN stands for

The ABiT Token A.K.A TATCOIN is;
1. A utility token or transactional currency.
2. A tradable coin.
3. A store of value.

TATCOIN was created in 2019 but launched in July 2020.

Here are a few facts about AFRICA’S MOST VALUABLE UTILITY TOKEN.

1. TATCOIN is a cryptocurrency just like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc.

2. TATCOIN is a product of, an AFRICAN technology company tailored to solve the everyday people’s needs using blockchain technology.

3. TATCOIN is a transactional currency and has some relevant use cases like CRYPTO EDUCATION, REAL ESTATE, TRAVEL AND TOURISM, AGRICULTURE, DIGITAL LEARNING etc.

4. TATCOIN is also a tradable coin and a store of value just like gold and currently trading on,,,, and also listed on Trust Wallet and coinmarketcap.

5. A TATCOIN HOLDER is called a TATA and the entire TATCOIN Holders are called TATAS.

6. TATCOIN is not a pyramid scheme. And their referral feature does not need a chain of people. They pay you for referring others to buy TATCOIN, use their products or stake TATCOIN and earn monthly ROI.

8. TATCOIN has a limited supply of 200 Million.

9. The price of TATCOIN is determined mainly by demand and supply.
10. TATCOIN just like Bitcoin can make you rich especially buying it now that it is still cheap at less than $1 because of the limited SUPPLY.

According to investors TATCOIN has a bright future due to its strong use cases. Some of the use cases are already launched and available for download on Google play and Apple iOS stores
ABiTrader App
ABiTcrowd App
ABiTFarm App

Investors confidence in TATCOIN is 98% as over 38 million out of the 200 Million TATCOIN was bought and staked by investors who get monthly ROI for a period of 6-56 Months and the company itself is said to have vested (locked up) 135 million token for a period of 4 years thereby reducing the circulating supply from 65 million initially released and many users are still staking.

With this limited supply and continuous STRATEGIC MARKETING, we hope to see TATCOIN at the $1 price target set by their team in the next 6 months (please, kindly note that this is a probability target price, could be less or more). Please do your own research.


1. The team is building very strong uses cases for TATCOIN.
Utility is what gives every cryptocurrency value and makes price increase.
As a utility token they are building the following products (Applications) to use TATCOIN as transactional currency and users get big discounts when they transact with TATCOIN on any of these platforms.

Here are a few use cases of TATCOIN that gives it value and makes it stand out from thousands of other cryptocurencies out there.

* ABiTFarm
ABiT Farm is a platform where people can invest in generational products agro business which guarantees great returns on investment (ROI) using TATCOIN.

A platform where people with small funds can co-invest in real estate as a group and share the profit.
With ABiTCROWD, they have simplified real estate investment, making it possible for you to invest in real estate online and for as low as 25 dollars (10,000 Naira).

* ABiTgo
With ABiTgo they have made it possible for people to travel and go see the world for less using TATCOIN.
ABiTgo is a platform where people can book flight tickets, pay for hotels and other accommodations using TATCOIN.
They also pay travelers for traveling by leaving reviews for other first time travelers to such destinations.

* ABiTReps.
ABiTreps is their community of ambassadors made up of only their users who have understood their vision and are using their products and have decided to tell their friends, families and relatives who they help sign up. ABiTReps are paid $90 monthly for doing the above with lots of other benefits like cars, houses and trips which can amount to 198,000 Naira monthly for a productive ABiTRep who meets monthly goals.

They have a whole lot of other products still in the pipeline all aimed at giving TATCOIN value.
Kindly read their WHITE-PAPER on

Looking at the above you will agree with me that if and when ABiT NETWORK delivers on its Whitepaper then the value of TATCOIN will be steadily on the rise as it has been.


1. The first way to benefit from TATCOIN is by owning some TATCOIN.
So how can you buy TATCOIN?
Go to or download the ABiTRADER App (IOS or Google) and sign up or if you already did that then click on WALLET and copy either your Naira Bank Account, Bitcoin, Ethereum Wallets and deposit any of the above currency there and click on SWAP and choose the CURRENCY you have like “I have Naira, I want TAT and then fill in the AMOUNT you want to BUY and SWAP it and instantly it reflects.
You can buy for as low as $25 or N10,000.

2. HODL.
After buying TATCOIN you can hold it for a few a months or years waiting it for price appreciation just like those who bought Bitcoin in 2010 held it to themselves and today same 1 Bitcoin they bought for $1 is $10,000+.
You can leave your TATCOIN in the ABiT WALLET, it is very safe there.

After buying TATCOIN, many people want to hold it until the value appreciates then they sell and make gains.
But with staking, instead of just keeping it idle in your wallets ABiT NETWORK made available an opportunity to make money while still keeping your TATCOIN safe under our custody.
You can click on STAKE on or on the ABiTrader App and stake your TATCOIN for a minimum period of 6 months or maximum of 56 months and be earning 1% ROI(RETURNS ON INVESTMENT) monthly for any number of TATCOIN staked for the period of stake.
Staking is similar to what circular banks call “Fixed Deposit” just that in this case they are not trading with your funds they only want to reduce the CIRCULATING SUPPLY of TATCOIN to enable price go up faster by increasing the demand and reducing supply.
Go now and stake your TATCOIN for a duration of your choice, don’t leave it idle.

Most people already know technical and fundamental analysis and want to take advantage of price volatility to make wealth for themselves and these people are called TRADERS.
You can be trading your TATCOIN by simply buying it when the price is low like now on and selling on same when the price goes up and waiting for another price deep again to buy back again and wait for price rise again to sell again.
TATCOIN is paired against Naira, Bitcoin and Ethereum on

Now you know what TATCOIN is and how you can make money from it, what are you waiting for?
Buy TATCOIN for yourself now with at least $25(10, 000 Naira) on

Since inception, ABiT NETWORK has been making visible efforts to fulfill all corporate pledges as contained in their WHITE PAPER.
Visit their website to read thier whitepaper and make your own decisions.


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