Justice for Chijioke: Awkuzu SARS trends on Twitter as family seeks for justice for the disappearance of their son

Akwuru SARS is currently trending on Twitter as an activist with the name Savn Daniel took to the micro-blogging app to share the story of a young man named Iloanya Chijioke John who reportedly disappeared in custody of the Awkuzu SARS in Anambra State.

According to Daniel who seems to be a lawyer, Chijioke was arrested on the 29th of November 2012 by men of the Awkuzu SARS at the naming ceremony of his friend in Ajali, Anambra State.

The officers who executed the arrest were said to be led by one Mr. James O. Nwafor who was the then O.C. of the the Awkuzu SARZ.

Daniel said that Chijioke’s parents visited him at the police station before he disappeared.

Chijioke’s story has however stirred a cry for justice, as Anambra residents who experienced the wrath of the Awkuzu SARS are now coming out to share their stories.

See full story in the thread below:

A certain Mr. James O. Nwafor (whose picture appears below), is said to be have been the O.C. and a member of SARS at Awkuzu, Anambra State, in 2012, and is alleged to have either killed or knows the whereabout of one Iloanya Chijioke John.

He is alleged to be the SARS Officer who whisked away Chikoke on the 29th of Nobember in 2012.

He was also the last person seen with Chijoke (sic). Below are pictures of Chijoke as 2012 or thereabout.



On the 29th of November 2012, Chijoke John and some of his friends went to Ajali in Anambra State, to celebrate with a certain friend of his, who was dedicating his first child.

Whilst at the venue, men of SARS HEADED BY THE THEN OC., MR. JAMES O. NWAFOR, at Awkuzu Police Station, raided the venue where the child dedication was taking place. All the young men found at the venue where the child dedication ceremony was taking place were arrested.

Sadly, Iloanya Chijioke John was at the venue at the time of the raid and whisked away to SARS unit, Awkuzu Police Station, by Mr. JAMES O. NWAFOR, who was then the O.C. and the person in charge of the raid.

The parents of Chijoke went to SARS UNIT Awkuzu, Anambra, where Chijoke their son was being detained.

They saw him there and spoke with him.

Chijoke was in the Custody of SARS unit, Awkuzu and had constant contact (communication) with Mr. James O. Nwafor of Awkuzu, Anambra….

The parents of Chijoke approached the then Commissioner of @PoliceNG, who claimed, according to the parents of Chijoke, that “his hands were tied”. He further claimed he had no powers over the men of SARS at Awkuzu unit, Anambra State.

Mr. James (sic) of SARS unit, Awkuzu Anambra State, whose picture appear below, later came forward to deny ever arresting, detaining, seeing, having or knowing any person such as Chikoke.

All attempts to see or know the whereabout of Chijoke, dead or alive, has proved abortive.

Until his arrest, Chijoke was never an armed robber, Cultist or a person of violence.

If you go to the house where the parents of Chijoke reside, you will not find him.

He is not there.
He has not been there since 2012.
His parents are still praying and hoping for his return.

Chijoke was last seen with Mr. James O. Nwafor of SARS, Awkuzu Unit, Anambra.

The family and the entire people of Anambra are calling on Mr. James O. Nwafor, to produce Chijoke, DEAD OR ALIVE.

Kindly help retweet these tweets until it gets to the authorities.


Report reaching me has it that most ritualists looking for body parts, contract men of SARS in Awkuzu Unit, Anambra State to provide fresh bodies for to them.

It is also on record that the SARS unit, Awkuzu, is a burial ground for many unlucky youths in Anambra State.

It is because of the disturbing information in our possession, that we are calling on the Nigerian @PoliceNG to instruct Mr. JAMES O. Nwafor, to produce Chijoke dead or ALIVE.

For avoidance of doubt, below is the picture of Mr. James O. Nwafor.

If you have any useful information on the whereabout or mobile number of Mr. James O. Nwafor, please, kindly send a Direct Message here on Twitter.

There will be no hiding place for the wicked.

We want Mr. James O. Nwafor to produce Chijoke dead or ALIVE.

It appears Mr. James Oshim Nwafor is now retired from the Nigeria @PoliceNG and is on @Twitter with the handle @CspJamesNwafor.

Below is the personal information of James Oshim Nwafor @CspJamesNwafor:

Please, Mr. James, where is Chijoke?


I did put a call to CSP James Oshim Nwafor, and he was utterly arrogant and brash.

I just got off the phone with the father of Chijoke and, he said CSP JAMES OSHIM NWAFOR TOLD HIM TO HIS FACE IN 2012:


Mr. James Oshim Nwafor @CspJamesNwafor admitted at the station in 2012 in Awkuzu, to have killed Chijoke, according to his father. The father also said that immediately the mother of Chijoke (who was with him at the station) heard it, she collapsed and was rushed to the hospital.

This is beyond @Twitter advocacy. We will pursue this matter to its logical conclusion.

Chijoke’s father is disturbingly bitter and prays that his son will get the justice that he so deserves.

Chijoke is said to have been murdered in cold blood.

@CspJamesNwafor admitted at the station, in the presence of Chijoke’s parents of killing Chijoke. Impunity has never been this bold. The parents of Chijoke are seriously demanding for justice for the death and or disappearance of their son.

@cpsJamesNwafor has a case to answer.