New York prosecutors transfer Ghislaine Maxwell to New Hampshire jail

Ghislaine Maxwell

The ex-girlfriend and confidant of Jeffrey Epstein, the late convicted pedophile, Ghislaine Maxwell, has been transferred from a New Hampshire jail to a federal lockup in New York City

Ghislaine Maxwell who was arrested for allegedly helping procure underage girls for Epstein to sexually abuse — was moved from the Merrimack County House of Corrections to the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, US Bureau of Prisons officials confirmed.

On Sunday, prosecutors asked a Manhattan federal judge to set her arraignment in Manhattan court for Friday.

The Post previously reported that Maxwell could end up in the Sunset Park lockup instead of the Metropolitan Correctional Center federal prison in Lower Manhattan where Epstein killed himself in a cell last August.

“After the debacle with Epstein, nothing can happen to her,” a source told The Post on Saturday.

The source added a plea deal is possible if Maxwell “has proof which will lead to the conviction of bigger fish.”

Prosecutors have left that option on the table, even though Maxwell faces two counts of perjury in addition to four child sex-trafficking-related charges.


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