China detains Xu Zhangrun, the professor who criticised its handling of Coronavirus


Authorities in China have detained professor Xu Zhangrun, the man who criticized China’s handling of the coronavirus crisis

According to the BBC, Xu Zhangrun, who has been under house arrest, was taken away from his Beijing home on Monday, friends said.

The law professor has previously spoken out against the Mao-like cult of personality which has returned under China’s current leader, Xi Jinping.


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Police have not commented publicly on the arrest, and it is unclear what charges Mr Xu faces.

One friend told news agency AFP that Mr Xu’s wife had received a call telling her he was accused of soliciting prostitution while in the city of Chengdu with other liberal academics.

The friend dismissed the allegation as “ridiculous”.

Freedom of expression is tightly controlled in China, with those who speak out against authorities risking arrest and jail sentences.