Dr Olufunmilayo gives rape accuser, Ms. Bola Aseyan ultimatum to retract, pay £10,000 damages

Dr Olufunmilayo

In a well-worded letter by his lawyers, Twitter personality, Dr Olufunmilayo has written a legal notice to Ms. Bola Seyan, the woman who accused him of rape and sexual abuse to retract and also pay damages.

The ultimatum which was set to 7 days requires Bola Aseyan to make a full retraction of the allegations pay damages of £10,000 and also desist from further defamatory statements against Dr Olufunmilayo.

From all indication, it seems Ms. Bola Aseyan has not acknowledged the letter. In his tweet where he reposted the letter, he said:

“For your attention @bola_aseyan. This letter has been sent to your email since yesterday. As there has been no acknowledgment from you so far, incase it went to spam, I would be posting it here to be sure you definitely see it.”

In the letter reproduced below, his lawyers said:

Dear Ms Aseyan, Our Client: Dr. Olufunmila We have been instructed to act on behalf of the above named in relation to a potential claim against you as a result of your defamatory statements.

We are instructed that our Client is a UK medical doctor and a social media influencer. Our Client met you online sometime in November 2019 and a relationship commenced. We are instructed that you were resident in Nigeria and it was agreed you would come to the UK as a visitor to meet our Client with a view to develop the relationship.

Our Client invited you to the UK and supported your visa application however the application was unsuccessful. Another visa application was made which you funded and this time the said application was successful.

You came to the UK on 7th March 2020 and you stayed at our Client’s home. We are instructed that at this time the relationship was having difficulties nevertheless our Client still supported your visit as this had been agreed when the relationship was very strong.

We are instructed that whilst you were at our Client’s house, you were living rent-free, utilised all amenities at no charge and you made no contribution whatsoever throughout stay. Our Client provided you with a room of your own for a period of about 4 months until you left the property on 29th June 2020.

We are instructed that on the day you left the property, you made several tweets on Twitter, alleging that you were sexually and emotionally abused by our Client. You alleged that this abuse persisted for a lengthy period of time and you had lodged a formal complaint with the police. You alleged that our Client is a hypocrite and insinuated he was a rapist. You made these comments on Twitter over a period of 3 days between 29th June 2020 and 1′ July 2020. Copies of the defamatory statements are enclosed.


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For the sake of clarity and for the avoidance of any doubt, our Client vehemently denies all allegations. Our Client denies any allegation of sexual and/or emotional abuse towards you. Our Client strongly denies any insinuation that he is a rapist. Our Client confirms that you both had sex on two occasions whilst you resided at his property and both occasions were consensual.

The Law
The Defamatory Act 2013 defines a defamatory statement as words which has caused or likely to cause serious harm to the reputations of a claimant. Under the law of England and Wales, a defamatory statement is one which tends to lower the claimant in the estimation of right-thinking members of society generally (Sim v Stretch /193612 All ER 1237).

By virtue of your statements and tweets, you have caused serious harm and disrepute to our Client’s reputation. Our Client is a medical doctor and a popular social media personality. Your false, baseless and untrue allegations have adversely affected his ability to perform his job effectively and he has also suffered irreparable harm and damage to his reputation on social media platforms.

Legal proceedings
In order to protect our Client’s rights and interests we are instructed to commence legal proceedings against you. These proceedings would seek the following remedies including but not limited to the following:

• Substantial damages; • An injunction to restrain you from publishing/making the same or similar statements in the future; • Costs.

A defamatory statement is published at the place where it is read, heard or seen. As the false statements were made whilst you were in the UK, the English courts will have jurisdiction to hear the claim.

Next steps
In light of the foregoing, our Client hereby demands the following;
• Produce a written apology and a declaration that the allegations referred to are false and you acknowledge they are defamatory to our Client.
• Make a full retraction of the said defamatory comments.
• Remove/Delete the Defamatory comments from Twitter and all social media platforms.
• Contact all third parties who have shared/posted the said false and defamatory statements to request the same is removed/deleted.
• Undertake to desist from making any new or further defamatory comments against our Client.
• Make a payment of 110,000.00 as compensation for the damage you have caused to our Client’s reputation.

Please be informed that should you fail to comply with the above steps within the next 7 days, we hold clear instructions to commence legal proceedings forthwith.

“We reserve the right to produce this letter in Court in relation to costs under CPR 44.3. We would strongly suggest you seek independent legal advice,” the letter said.


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