Russian President Vladimir Putin wins vote to become life president


In a landmark vote to extend his rule, Russian President, Vladimir Putin has won an election that makes him a life president.

According to Reuters, the Kremlin hails the vote as a “triumph” the results of a vote that allows President Vladimir Putin to extend his rule until 2036.

The ad hoc vote, which did not fulfill legal criteria to be classed as a referendum, saw 77.92% of voters endorse constitutional amendments, with 21.26% against the changes, after all the ballots were counted. Turnout was nearly 68%, the election commission said.

The results will allow the Kremlin to say that a vast majority of Russians back Putin’s continued rule beyond 2024, the year that until now marked the end of his fourth and final term as president. Ads for the vote on constitutional changes barely mentioned that it would reset term limits for Putin, whose ratings recently hit their lowest level in 20 years, according to some recent polling.

Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, called the vote “a triumphal referendum on confidence in President Putin”.

“It was very difficult to predict the extremely high turnout and the extremely high support we have seen today,” he said.