BBNaiji Khafi begs for information about the killers of her brother in London

Weeks after the gruesome killing of his brother, former BBNaija housemate, Khafi is begging anyone with information about the killers of her brother, Alexander Kareem in London to come forward.

Yesterday, Khafi Kareem took to Twitter to beg for information about her brother’s killers.

She shared the video of the BBC feature on her brother and accompanied it with a plea.

“On the 1st of January 2020 I had no idea I would be going into the 1st day of the second half of the year without my little brother,” Khafi wrote, adding, “Almost a month on and the person who has broken my family still has not been found.”

“The hardest thing was not being there for my brother when he cried out for help. I’m praying we can help him now. If you know who did this please come forward. I beg you. #HelpAlex,” she said.

In a BBC feature documentary, members of Khafi’s family members spoke about the late Alexander and pleaded with his killers to turn themselves in.

“If you did this and you are watching this at home, Please turn yourself up to Police. No mother should go through this. This is everlasting sorrow,” Khafi’s mother said in tears.