Bola Aseyan, the lady who accused Dr. Olufunmilayo of rape says she has filed a complaint with the police

Dr Olufunmilayo

The rape and sexual abuse accusation against Dr Oufunmilayo has taken a turn for the worse as Miss Bola Aseyan, the lady who accused him of rape and sexual abuse said she has filed a complaint with the UK police.

Her reaction is coming a few hours after Dr Oufunmilayo made a detailed rebuttal to the allegation she leveled against him. Reproduced below, Dr Oufunmilayo claimed that the accusation is the other way round and that the lady was forcing herself on him.

“I met Bola around November 2019, we met on twitter and started talking. At some point, we started seriously dating but there was a lot of issues all the time: the tension, the toxicity, the manipulation and many other problems, it just couldn’t work smoothly.

“However before the whole thing largely collapsed, we talked about her coming for a holiday in UK because i felt that would give us on opportunity to get to know ourselves better and possibly save the relationship. I felt even if the relationship wasn’t 100% perfect, she doesn’t have to cancel the visa application, she can still go ahead and process it, I actually even paid for that visa application. She went ahead with it and it was unfortunately unsuccessful. ”

“However she was hellbent on coming to the UK (as she had never been to the UK before now). She does NOT live in the UK. She does NOT work in the UK. She’s not a doctor recognised in the UK at all (at least for now). She’s only a visitor right now.”

“She really wanted to come despite initial failure of the first visa application and kept pushing that she must come to the UK. This babe already bought many new clothes before the visa was out, my friend who is a witness can testify to all these. I also have chats to this end. She was very desperate to come visit UK.”

“Why? I’m not certain.”

She however kept pushing for a second visa application despite me trying to dissuade her from immediately reapplying as it was 3 months away to my main exam. But as she would have none of that, I told her in clear terms that if you’re still going to come, I’m not going to have so much time to give you attention because I’d be busy preparing for exams and that’s besides the fact that the whole relationship is turbulent and exhausting.

And I did say to her that I’m just doing this because you still want to come and you’re even willing to foot the bills yourself, so I don’t mind letting you stay in my house so long as you stay on your own end and stay in your own room. I have screenshots to prove this.

She said that’s not going to be a problem and that she has places to go and people to see and she just mostly needs a place to stay. So we did the application and it was successful and then she came to the UK.

Bear in mind that when she came, the whole relationship thing was hanging by a thread, I had serious exams coming up, and I already made it quite clear to her I wouldn’t be giving much attention as I would be doing exams.

I have screenshots to prove this chats.

So the day she came we were in the kitchen at a point and then she saw a red wine in the fridge, she said ‘oh, this would be nice maybe we should try it together later’ and I said okay that will be nice.

So I went to my room and I think she went to the living room or so and at some point later I messaged her to check she’s not bored, and she said she’s not watching the TV anyway.

So I said okay she can come over then and come with the wine too as she said we could take it together. And then she came with the wine, we had it together and unfortunately sex happened after and some days after, I went for a course in London which was 4 hours away and then she sent me a voicenote which I saw around 10 minutes to the start of the course in which she said she didn’t give her consent and I said wait, are you trying to push this on me (in a bid to clarify if she was insinuating rape or sexual abuse) and she said in clear terms that no, she’s not pushing anything, let’s just move on and it should not happen again.

I told her we both had alcohol, we were both drunk and we had sex after, how did I abuse you? She infact told two of my friends at the time that we were both drunk and we had sex but she regrets it. Those two are available to testify about this.

I also deliberately asked her if she was trying to push anything on me and she answered no. I have chats showing this. But what was weird was she asking for “apology” which I found awkward as we both took alcohol and sex happened.

I did not force you to drink alcohol. I did not make you drink alcohol. Just as you did not make me drink it either. We both chose to drink of our free will and unfortunately sex happened which we both regretted telling each other “this will never happen again”. There are chats proving this.

From then I started keeping her at arms lengths despite living in the same house with me.

Some few weeks later, she lied about my friend making me very angry when I found out it was a lie. I took it up and in her usual victim-playing mode, she started trying to pack out and I begged her to stay as this was not worth leaving the house over. You offended me and my friend- not the other way round- but you are blackmailing me with leaving the house around 10pm.

So I begged her to stay for her own safety and then she came close and said she missed me actually for weeks of keeping away from her. She kissed me and we had another sex. No alcohol. No excuses. Just sex after a fight. My friend knows this story as I called him and he can testify to all of it.

And from that point, I was trying to keep her at arms length, we were in the same house but I was just on my own, but obviously staying on my own cause I didn’t want any of that to happen again was making her very uncomfortable and then next thing she did was she started trying to seduce me, she’d wear bra and pants and come to my room and I’d just have to chase her away.

There was a particular day where she came in naked and I had to stand on the bed, running around, called one of my friends to explain to him cause I didn’t understand what she was doing, after that I left the room. I have someone squatting in my house(James) I went to his room and said this girl is terrorizing me and I don’t know what her aim is. He can also confirm this story in a court. I have chats about this event.

After that particular incident, it seems she got the message that we’re not together and we’d never be. There was already the pandemic at that time and there was no way she could leave and at the beginning of the pandemic she wanted to go and I advised her saying it’s not safe to go, it’s a new virus and you can’t be taking that kind of risk.

She interpreted that advise to mean that I was asking her to stay back. Different issues kept coming up, cause we weren’t talking even though we were in the same house, maybe sometimes she’d be a bit reckless in the house, make the room dirty or stain the walls and it cost quite a lot painting the walls, so I’d make complains and she’d get angry.

There was a day I went into the room because I put this girl in the master bedroom and I was staying in the smaller room just for her to be comfortable and to have privacy. This was how much I just didn’t want her to feel maltreated or badly treated. I put her in the master bedroom in my own house and I lived in a smaller room just for her to be okay.

So sometimes I go to the master bedroom to take my clothes and when I went to get my clothes one day, the bathroom door was opened, I went to take toothpaste and I saw how dirty the whole place was, I actually took pictures and showed a friend, I washed the bathroom and she came back and was insulting me that why would I do that, I should’ve let her. We had other issues like that too, she’d take pictures of my house, of my car almost everyday and post it and I didn’t like that for security reasons, she’d post the car and the plate number and I told her that this is dangerous because in this country anyone can trace your details from your plate number, she got angry and then she blocked me everywhere. This was more than 2months ago.

She had me blocked for maybe 2 months now and by the way, she spent 4 months in my house, eating my food, using my WiFi, pretty much flexing, I never collected money from her at any time. She was here for a full 4 months until yesterday when she woke up and left the house. I never told this girl to leave at any time despite how horrible she was to me in behaviour, in words, in character etc.

There was a lot of tension and animosity from Bola just because I was emotionally unavailable for her to own and date me. This was my OFFENSE.

I wasn’t ready to be having random daily sex which might mean something to her. So I kept my distance, that got her very angry and very hostile but I didn’t care as long as we’re both clear that we’re not together anymore.

Fast forward to two days ago, she was watching a movie in the sitting room and there was Chelsea match going on, so I went to the sitting room and I said oh, please pass the remote I need to watch a game and then she said no, I met her there and she was not passing the remote and I said what you are watching is pre-recorded, you can come back and watch it, just pass the remote and then she said how long would it take, she’d come back in 30 minutes and I said I can’t guarantee that, and she said what did I say and I said yes, I can’t guarantee that.

I added that I will not be taking permissions from her to watch tv in my own house and then she said in that case she’s not releasing the remote and she walked away with it. Then she brought out her phone and said let me just record since blackmailing you influencers on social media is the only way to get y’all to have sense and I just walked away, put off the tv from the socket and went to my laptop. She took all the remote controls and went to her room upstairs and then I called the guy living in my house and said this girl has started again and I don’t know what this is about. He called her and then about 15 minutes later she came to slam the remote on the chair.

Eventually, I was able to watch the match. Then later that day, two days ago, I saw this skin documentary that was discouraging bleaching by bobrisky and Beverly naya, when I saw it I liked it and usually before I post medical threads the next day, whatever I see last at night that is interesting to me, I usually note it down, so I can write it as a thread first thing the next day, so I noted that bleaching video.

By yesterday when I wake up, I usually post by 7am but then WiFi wasn’t working, so I just went to work.

So at work, I used the free WiFi, connected to it and posted a thread about bleaching- a post which I have actually written from 2018, I only recopied and pasted it.

About an hour later, one of my friends called me and said Bola is very angry saying I’m attacking “her business” and I switched off WiFi. My friend said she told her “since Funmi wants to play dirty on social media, then I will blackmail him and say he sexually abused me too”. She said this to my friend yesterday morning. He is ready to testify about this as well in a court of law.

I was confused, attacking her business how? And then my friend said the anti bleaching post is seen as an attack on her business, I wondered why an attack on bleaching is an attack on her business except maybe she sells bleaching/toning creams and stuffs.
I showed my friend the tweets from 2018 showing that I had written this same anti bleaching posts in 2018 long before I even met her. I also said the WiFi had problems. I never switched it off and I tried to ask, they said it’ll be fixed in few hours and my friend forwarded all I said to her.

By the time I got home later that evening by 8pm yesterday, she had packed all her things and left the house.

I was suprised, so I called my housemate to ask if he has seen her because again, before this time, she has been free, having fun, and even meeting different men. Sometimes she would leave from my house to spend days in a man’s house somewhere but I didn’t care and I was even happy for her but she always told somebody before going on those trips so I asked him if she told him and she said no and that he’d call her.

So he called her and he said she’s just angry that I switched off the WiFi and attacked her business. And I said I didn’t switch it off, I’m home now and the WiFi is still not working, so I called her mom to inform her out of courtesy as I spoke to her mom before she came to UK, so I just wanted her to know that she’s not at my end anymore as she packed out and I’m worried about her safety. She has twisted this to mean calling people to ”beg” her. I never ever called anyone at anytime to beg Bola about anything. Let’s be very clear on that.

Next thing I saw an hour later yesterday was all the screenshots about sexual abuse and emotionally abuse. How? You stayed in my house for four months, we had sex twice, definitely not more than twice in all the four months.

One we were both drunk cause we took alcohol and the other one we were both conscious and the second sex was even after the alcohol sex and after that you’ve been trying to get me to sleep with you repeatedly seducing me and sexually harassing me- events which my flat mate and my other friend can verify as I called and told them at the time.

So how was I sexually abusing you? You were harassing me! And emotional abuse how?

You were always comfortable, eating good food, taking pictures everywhere in my house and now you’ve started deleting them because it no longer fits the narrative of emotional abuse.

How did I emotionally abuse you? Making myself emotionally unavailable to you and refusing to be blackmailed into a relationship suddenly becomes emotional abuse because I kept you at arms length. And that was because I didn’t want any confusion as to anything! You once tried to blame me for a sex we both had drinking alcohol and I was never going to fall for that anymore. I stayed away from you as much as I can.

You were in my house for four months. You ate my food. You used my WiFi. Not once did I ever kick you out or threaten you despite many ugly behaviour. You ran off the day WiFi stopped working and blackmailed me that same day on social media after making clear blackmail threats on a phone call with my friend.

We had sex twice in four months because I repeatedly resisted you seducing me always and trying to use sex to blackmail me. How am I a sexual abuser yet you kept offering me free sex and I was running from you (in my own house)?

My friend said her mum was asking if she was already pregnant by now. When I got home I found pregnancy kits on her table.

I have now kept this as evidence. This girl literally came planned and ready to become a wife and will do anything including blackmail to achieve it. Basically this is just somebody who desperately wants to be my girlfriend somehow and wasn’t happy with not being one! Not one person from her school has said something positive about her- all their tweets are online for all to see.

She’s done this same blackmail to the last guy she dated. He’s also written about this on twitter and he can testify about what sort of person she is. There’s pending cases of defamation of character and domestic violence against her- even apart from mine. There’s evidence of all this waiting- even when she gets back to Nigeria.

I apologise to everyone who believed in me and who has been let down by this story. I’m sorry I let you all down but believe me I will not rest until I find real justice- not social media justice. But I assure you all very confidently that this girl would fully go down for this. There will be no middle grounds.

I never ever sexually abused her. I never ever emotionally abused her. Not at any point in my life have I done that to her or to anyone else. I was only too nice, too trusting and this badly backfired on me.

This girl will not escape this I promise you all. I would not say anything beyond this as I continue to speak to my solicitors from this point. The next time you hear from me is when there’s a concrete legal resolution and true justice on all of these insane claims she has made against my person.


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