21-year-old Bauchi undergraduate gruesomely murdered by vigilante for allegedly stealing his mother’s wrapper

A 21-year-old undergraduate of the Bauchi State University, Abdulsalam Ibrahim has been tortured to death by vigilante over allegations of stealing his mother’s wrapper.

The incident took place in the Zango area of Bauchi State, on Sunday 28th June.

It was reported that the mother of the boy, Aisha Ibrahim, invited the Yan Committee Vigilante Group to discipline Abdulsalam for allegedly stealing her wrapper.

Abdulsalam Ibrahim was a 300-level Political Science Student of the Bauchi State University, Gadau.

According to a neighbor whose name is Ningi, Aisha accused her son of stealing her wrapper that worth less than N3,000.

He said that after she questioned her son about committing the crime and he denied, she summoned the vigilante group to discipline the boy.

Upon arrival, Vigilante group took Abdulsalam to their office and tortured him till he passed away.

Another neighbour who wants to be anonymous stated that Aisha had been allegedly caught shoplifting severally.

“The mother had been caught shoplifting in markets . She even shoplifts bread from provisions shops . But because of sheer wickedness , the vigilantes sent a message to her that due to the torture, her son had soiled his clothes” the neighbor said.