U.S. Supreme Court rules immigration officers can remove asylum seekers before seeing a judge

The United States Supreme Court in its latest ruling said authorities can deport some asylum seekers even before they have seen a judge.

This is a huge blow to the Democrats’ view on tough immigration laws that President Trump is seeking to put in place.

The case before the court pertained to a Sri Lankan national, Vijayakumar Thuraissigiam, who was stopped by law enforcement just after crossing the southern border, without inspection or an entry document, at a distance of about 25 metres from the frontier.

An asylum claim was then rejected by the officer, a superior officer and an immigration judge. However, the case was appealed to the regular court system, ultimately landing before the Supreme Court.

The ruling means people who managed to slip over the border into the U.S., without going through proper channels, and then failed to convince immigration authorities of a threat to their well-being, may face an expedited removal process before being able to appeal.

The decision came down 7-2, with the two most liberal justices dissenting.

As U.S. gets closer to its presidential election, President Donald Trump has been working to limit many types of immigration, in particular, illegal crossings at the southern border.