Two hairdressers allegedly killed by generator fumes in Lagos State

Two hairdressers identified as Temitope Olagunju and one Baraka, were found dead in a hairdressing salon where they worked.

The tragic incident took place on Monday 22nd June, in Ogba area of Lagos State.

According to PUNCH Metro, a third woman, who is said to be an apprentice, was found unconscious and rushed to a general hospital, where she is presently receiving treatment.

It was reported that the three women had turned on the generator and were watching television in the shop when it started raining. They carried the generator to a small enclosure in front of the shop.

Some hours later, their boss’s husband went to the salon and met the three of them unconscious.

PUNCH Metro learnt that the man rushed them to a hospital, where two of them were confirmed dead and the third who is an apprentice was admitted.

Temitope’ s sister, Afusat, said that the deceased had been taken to Ilogbo, Ogun State, for burial.

She also said that they could be more to the death of her 26-year-old sister, who was married with a child.

Her statement reads:

“Temitope used to go to work in the morning and return home at night. We lived together. She started working in the shop just about three weeks ago.
“We were called around 7am on Tuesday that she died in the shop . We were told that her boss was not around when the incident happened.
“ However, the boss’ husband said Temitope and her co -worker died . He said he had gone to give them money for food when he discovered that two of them were dead, but the third lady was foaming in the mouth.

“He said the fumes of the generator they were using killed them. He also told us that he took them to several hospitals.”


PUNCH Metro was told that as the family was preparing Temitope’s corpse for burial, blood spurted out from her nostrils.

Some pictures showed that the white cloth with which she was covered for burial was soaked in blood.

The spokesperson of the Lagos State Police Command, Bala Elkana, who confirmed the incident stated:

“It happened around 2 pm on Monday while it was raining . Because of the rain , the victims locked the glass window of the shop and took the generator to a small extension in front of the shop . They further shut the glass entrance door . They were not doing anything , so they slept off.
“One of them , who woke up and probably realised the source of their problem , crawled to the place where the generator was to turn it off. But she could not make it; she collapsed with her hand on the generator . That was where her corpse was found .
“The husband of the owner of the shop was returning from work and decided to stop by to check on his wife when he saw the girls from the transparent glass and raised the alarm . People brought vehicles and tried to save their lives . But two died and one is still hospitalised.
“When the owner of the shop heard about it, she slumped and was rushed to hospital .” Elkana stated.


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