Don’t sign your fortune away to Agents – Onazi warns youngsters


Nigeria international and Denislizpor midfielder Ogenyi Onazi has urged young footballers to be wary of fraudulent agents while chasing greener pastures.

The former vice-captain of the Super Eagles stated that it is important to work with agents who genuinely have the interest of players at heart regardless of nationality.

“Anything is possible in contracts, if you blindly sign away half your pay to your agent it becomes binding,” – Onazi told Oma Akatugba in a chat on Instagram Live.

“Be cautious of whatever deal you are having with an agent. You need to be calm before entering into any agreement”

“Those days people signed blank contracts, now you can request for one or two days to give to a lawyer to help vet before appending your signature.”

“A whole lot is happening in the game, there are some players whose agents are cutting off a chunk of their money without the player’s knowledge.”

On his preference between a foreign agent and Nigerian agents, Onazi mentioned that the race or nationality of the agent does not come to play.

Onazi said there was a lot he didn’t like while working with his previous agents which necessitated the switch to fellow compatriot, Ayodele Makinwa.

“Whether foreign or local agents, you need to be cautious. Before you make such a decision, look for someone who is experienced to guide you.

“It is not a crime to take your time and seek professional advice before signing the contracts.”

“I know for sure that the aim of any young player is to go to Europe so anyone who approaches them, they just say yes without thinking about the conditions.”

“When agents bring an agreement, request for a day or two,  you must get someone who can go through the contract. Don’t think about the money, be sure of your feeding, accommodation, training, and allowance. Also, ensure that the contract you are signing does not span beyond two years.”

“Don’t allow anyone to rush you into signing a contract, you can scan, take a picture to your lawyer, and get a yes before you sign.”

Ogenyi Onazi began his professional career with Lazio in Italy before moving to Turkey where he spent more than two years with Trabzonspor before joining Denizlispor this year. He has played for Nigeria at both youth and senior levels.