Activist supporting Seyitan Dbanj’s rape accuser claims she was abducted by Dbanj’s manager


Few hours after Dbanj’s rape accuser, Seyitan Babatayo was declared incommunicado by activists supporting her cause, there are fresh allegations that she was abducted by Dbanj’s manager.

One of the activists who are supporting Seyitan, Asa Nwa (Chi Baby)Rainbow flag said in a Twitter thread that:

“Seyitan is being held by Dbanj’s manager somewhere on the island and she apparently did not go home from the police station. She is being coerced into recanting her statement. They’ve tried money, now it’s coercion. Is this your fave?!”

“So Miss Seyitan Eunice Babatayo who was supposed to meet with @PoliceNG PPRO this morning is nowhere to be found. She’s not answering calls or in contact with her lawyer or family. There is strong reason to believe she didn’t get home last night.”

“Members of the NPF organised a meeting with her and the PPRO for this morning. When @AyodejiOsowobi called her to meet up as agreed, she heard someone shouting in the background asking Seyitan why she was still picking calls. Call was disconnected & she wasn’t reachable.”

“This is an SOS to @PoliceNG and a question to @iamdbanjwhere is Seyitan?”

“The planned meeting was for Seyitan to state her case against Dbanj and press charges if possible. Where is she?”

“I for one will not be surprised if the young woman recants, this is not for the faint-hearted. I hope everyone now sees how the system is stacked against women who have been sexually assaulted.”

“Can finally confirm that Seyitan is no longer with her abductors and she is now being taken to a safe place.”

“Meanwhile, the only witness to this, Franklin Amudo, who corroborated Seyitan’s story has just been detained by the police. Loool. The levels of desperation. Who is getting detained next?” she said.

Few weeks ago, Seyitan accused Dbanj for an alleged rape incident that happened few years ago. In the Twitter thread which she has since deleted, she said:

“she met D’Banj at an all-white party at Eko Atlantic with his then manager and a friend. In her account, she was told that D’Banj had taken a liking to her and was offered a large sum of money to sleep with him, to which she blatantly refused.

According to her Twitter thread, D’Banj allegedly barged into her room after being given the key by the hotel’s facility, and after this, she recounts disturbing details of the singer forcing himself on her.

Dbanj was mute on the matter, however, it is now apparent that the musician was planning a legal suit to defend his name.

He said in a legal notice he published on his Instagram account that:

“Today is exactly 1 week after my birthday and this will be the only time I will address the recent false allegations and lies from the pit of hell.”

“I have chosen to do so because the incident is a slap to my marriage and my beautiful wife, my entire family and those who believe in me. I did not want to dignify the slurs with a response but it appears my silence has empowered my accusers to think i have been scared into the shadows so I would like to state that This”

“Accusation are false and ludicrous and Have been handed over to my Legal Team, while the Nigerian Police is Investigating the Criminal aspect of it.
It’s unfortunate that this is coming a few weeks before the second anniversary of my late son Daniel And this well timed falsehood has reopened the painful scars of my deep loss.

“To my fans and loved ones , thanks for the support, your prayers and your positive comments . The truth will always prevail . God bless us all.” he said.

It would be recalled that yesterday, we reported that Dbanj announced that he sued the accuser to court asking for a damages of N100 million.