Meet Henry Mauriss, billionaire who wants to buy Newcastle United

henry mauriss

American television executive, Henry Mauriss has lodge a formal offer to buy the club from Mike Ashley for £350m.

The figure is £50m more than the price agreed with Newcastle’s owner by a consortium involving Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund and supported by Reuben Brothers and Amanda Staveley.

Henry Mauriss is CEO and Chairman of the Board of ClearTV Ltd., a media company that operates a number of television network platforms, including one of the largest television networks for airports in the country. With a commitment to bringing high-quality content to the away-from-home television space – as well as more varied content – Mr. Mauriss has led ClearTV in securing over 200 partnerships with content-providers, some of these being NBC, CBS, Oxygen, HGTV and many more. As CEO, Mr. Mauriss’ leadership has been instrumental in expanding ClearTV’s away-from-home network to an increasing amount of airports and health care facilities around the country. In fact, in 2013, ClearTV expanded their away-from-home television network to four new airports in New Orleans, Cleveland, Raleigh and Dallas. Mr. Mauriss has also been essential in honing the strategic focus of ClearTV’s programming, one that provides travelers a 24-hour a day premium television channel, as well as advertising that is localized to every airport region.

Seeking to expand the company’s position in the online media market, earlier this year Mr. Mauriss led ClearTV in their newest venture, namely the launch of the company’s TVChannels4U, a multi-channel online video network. In online video content production and distribution, distribution partners are key. And under Mr. Mauriss’ guidance, ClearTV successfully secured over 3,000 publisher sites for its new TVChannels4U online video content, including such popular sites as,,, as well as such online staples as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Looking to offer a variety of video categories in the areas of Entertainment, Sports, Lifestyle and Travel, TVChannels4U looks forward to working with new and seasoned producers to create and curate engaging new online video content, all of which will be distributed through its extended network of online publishing partners.

However, Mr. Mauriss career has not only been spent in the media industry – prior to serving as CEO of ClearTV, Mr. Mauriss gained substantial experience in the credit card and finance industry. In fact, in 1998, Mr. Mauriss established and served as Chief Executive of Credit America Corporation, a company that sought to bring once prime consumers back into the credit market through a specially designed balance transfer programs. Using a MasterCard credit card platform, Mauriss’ Credit America Corporation successfully reestablished the credit of thousands of Americans across the country. By the time Mr. Mauriss sold the company in 2010, he had developed it into a 300+ employee organization, complete with call centers for both marketing and credit application processing. Additionally, during his time with Credit America Corporation, Mr. Mauriss purchased, converted and resold over $7 billion in receivables through portfolio trades.

When not working, Mr. Mauriss loves to travel, as well as watch Major League Baseball. Most of all, Mr. Mauriss loves to spend his free time with his daughters, whether that’s going to their school functions or swimming or playing hockey with them.

Source: Crunchbase