After going viral, special package love charm seller opens Canada operations

special package

Few days after she went viral for selling love charms and aphrodisiacs online in Nigeria, Omoshola special package said she has opened her Canada distribution chain.

Claiming she has a new distributor catering for Canada, she disclosed that she is running a 24-hour discount promotion that will target international buyers who can pay by direct transfer “No Bitcoin, PayPal or Western Union, just direct transfer,” she said.

In a video she posted on her Instagram page, she said:

“My DM is full, my email is full, all my customer service representatives are busy”.

Omoshola special package whose real name is Deborah Erioluwapo Ajayi, with the Instagram username @omosholas_place, sells love charms online via her Instagram page.

It is unclear who and who is buying her love charms. However, she disclosed yesterday that since her so-called ‘Special Package pandemic’ broke out across Nigeria’s social media scene, thousands of married women have besieged her page to ‘cry for help’

There is no means of verifying her claims, however, yesterday, she disclosed that she has gotten close to 30,000 people following her on Instagram asking for different charms she sells online.

While promoting her usual special package, she said: “After the whole special package pandemic in the media, I realized that we now have more married women than single ladies in the house. I realized that women are going through a lot more than I thought.”

While blaming the married women for not stepping up their games to look more attractive to their husbands, she threw jabs at Nigerian married men who besieged her page to insult her.

However, the controversy generated by her business has led to many insinuations that she could be taking advantage of many of her customers online to sell things that are not only strangely too expensive but an ordinary scam.

It is hard to verify if her love charm products which going by the pictures she shared are well-packaged, have NAFDAC registrations. According to an eCommerce business analyst who spoke in anonymity said it is very unlikely that such products have any health and safety registrations and approval because they are sold directly to their buyers in a confidential manner that makes it hard for regulatory authorities to track.