Plastic surgery gone bad? Lady develops chronic breast disease after surgery at Dr Anu Medcontour’s clinic

dr anu

There is a viral video online about a lady who developed severe breast disease after she claimed she underwent liposuction at Dr Anu of Medcontour clinic.

She claimed she paid a sum of N1,650,000 to have fats from our body transferred to her breast.

The lady who did not give her real name in the video said she has gone for several operations to cure the disease but the problem persists.

There are indications that her case is not the first of its kind to have been reported about the said Dr Anu.

A Twitter user said:

“First, they should leave their bodies alone. Second, this is about the tenth complaint that I would see about this Dr Anu. Why is Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria still allowing this Doctor to practice? Why is an investigation not being carried out?”

There have been warnings that liposuction and plastic surgery methods used to augment breasts do have complications that might not be disclosed by the doctors. In the video below, Dr Obel warned about the dangers of such surgeries and why people should be careful before deciding to undergo such surgeries.

Who is Dr Anu?

There few information is known about her. However, she is a member of Medcontour, a global platform that helps patients find plastic surgeons. She is operating the Nigerian arm of the network.

However, there are doubts about her expertise and qualifications what she does. A Twitter user cited “A blogger on instagram has been following up on Dr Anu of Medcontour‘s fraudulent claims. She sent an email to the American College of Surgeons that Dr Anu claims she has a degree from and got feedback stating that Anu is lying.”

Dr Anu has not commented publicly on the matter.