Here is the extradition agreement Nigeria is using to bring back Hushpuppi

The recent arrest of Ray Hushpuppi for alleged involvement in Internet fraud targeting COVID-19 benefits has generated massive controversy.

However, the latest confirmation that Interpol Nigeria will be extraditing Hushpuppi back to Nigeria to face criminal charges is raising questions the modalities and processes.

While many people are not sure how Nigeria will be able to do it, there are actual proofs that Nigeria has a legally signed agreement with the United Arab Emirates, UAE, that will enable the country to easily extradite Hushpuppi or any other fugitive of the laws of Nigeria.

It would be recalled that on the 23rd of July 2016, President Muhammadu Buhari in Abuja signed nine international agreements that the Nigerian government will strengthen its anti-corruption war, stabilise the economy and improve the security situation in the country.

One of the signed treaties was a mutual legal agreement with the United Arab Emirates, UAE.

The treaty with the UAE will enable the extradition of Nigerians who abscond to the middle-eastern country after committing crimes in Nigeria.

The UAE, especially Dubai, one of its regions, is one of the major destinations of wealthy Nigerians including those who have been accused of various financial crimes.

The signing ceremony by President Buhari for the execution of the Instruments of Ratification for International Agreements between the Federal Republic of Nigeria and other Entities was held at the Presidential Villa.

Speaking at the event, President Buhari directed all agencies of government with roles to play under the respective treaties that had been ratified to ensure that they play their anticipated roles in an
effective and responsible manner in order to ensure that the country reaps the full benefits of the agreements.

“It is my hope that these Instruments will reinvigorate the anti-corruption war and check the illicit flow of funds out of our country to other jurisdictions, improve national security, food security, boost our economic and tax regimes and improve the overall well-being of our creative community,’’ he said.

It is not certain when Hushpuppi’s extradition bwill be executed, however, the fact UAE uses Sharia laws could mean that the process could take less time.

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