Apart from Woodberry, here are the likely names of associates arrested with Hushpuppi


There are fresh facts on the likely identities of associates or friends of Hushpuppi who were also arrested during the raid at his luxury condominium apartment at Palazzo Versace in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

While the most popular associate who was known to have been arrested in the crackdown was Woodberry. There are indications that many more people were part of the suspects arrested in the Interpol and FBI raid.

According to a Kemi Olunloyo, a blogger and an investigative journalist based in Nigeria claimed that she knows the identities of Hushpuppi’s associates who were arrested with him.

In a Twitter post, Kemi said:

Pac” is another Dubai based big boy and in HushPuppi’s close knit inner circle. He was arrested alongside HP. Flashy luxurious items on IG page. Real name not known. Authorities will release later.”

Sean the Escaper was also arrested and he’s HushPuppi’s PA. He is described as a right hand man errand boy. They live together at Palazzo Versace in Dubai.”

“Mr Woodberry was arrested alongside HushPuppi as a member of his hardworking team.”

“Finally Tony Roma nickname who is also a Nigerian and also arrested with the rest of the team. All 5 men are being held at an Interpol facility in Dubai city,” she said.

Out of all the suspects arrested with Hushpuppi, Woodberry is perhaps another high profile person. He was known to be stupendously rich without a visible source of his wealth. Unlike Hushpuppi, Woodberry is less open with his wealth. However, in March of 2019,  he announced that he acquired a twin collection of 2019 edition of Lamborghini Urus at over $200,000 and the 2019 Rolls Royce black badge dawn.

Woodberry posing in front of one of his collections of luxury cars. Source: naijaloaded.com.ng

According to the unconfirmed charges by the Interpol, Hushpuppi’s Internet fraud gang were accused of exploiting COVID-19 benefits to scam the American government by diverting the benefits from the unemployed victims. The report alleged that the gang must have stolen over $35 million in unemployed benefits.

However, the latest reports suggested that Hushpuppi’s Internet fraud gang could have defrauded American states and taxpayers close to $100 million.

While he has never denied he was into Internet fraud, Hushpuppi has used social media, particularly, Instagram to taunt his critics. In one of his posts, he said “I wear people’s mortgage’, boasting of how rich he is. He was formerly based in Malaysia, but close to a decade ago, he moved to Dubai and has since been there while maintaining a socialite, philanthropist and celebrity identity.

Last year, Nigeria’s anti-corruption police, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, arrested Mompha, another Internet fraudster suspect who lives in Dubai for fraud in the region of several billions of Naira. Mompha has been banned from travelling abroad while he stands trial in Nigeria for money laundering, fraud and operating an illegal bureau de change.

Neither the Interpol nor the FBI has confirmed nor denied his arrest. Yesterday, the U.S. tax agency, issued a serious warning that Internet fraudsters could steal up to $30 billion in COVID-19 relief and stimulus packages meant for unemployed and millions of Americans who lost their jobs as a result of the pandemic outbreak.

There were indications that he would not be extradited to Nigeria as the primary complaints that led to his arrest were from the U.S. Nigeria’s anti-corruption police, the EFCC, has not confirmed whether it participated in the operation that led the arrest of the suspect.

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