Amirah Dyme, former girlfriend of Hushpuppi calls him out, backtracks

Amirah Dyme

Amirah Dyme, a gorgeous lady who Hushpuppi referred to as ‘friend for life’ sent out a cryptic message, supposedly condemning Hushpuppi and his usual acts of deriding people for being poor.

This is coming less than 24 hours after the arrest of Hushpuppi, the Nigerian flamboyant socialite, who was arrested by the operatives of the Interpol, it seems some of his friends are abandoning him to his fate.

In a post she posted on her Instagram handle, Amirah said “hope you like orange prisoner Jumpsuit?”

She went on to send a veiled message that “Imagine telling someone they’re not good enough to come and sit with the rich because of how they’re dressed when they bough their clothes with their own money while u (sic) literally STOLE the money that you used to buy outfits with from the poor people. KARMA is a b*tch. Hope you like orange.”

She has since deleted the Instagram post.


Apparently seeing how damaging her views could be for Huspuppi, she backtracked, saying:

“People who know me including him know I never assume when you see shit before you head the story. If there’s anybody in this world who wants him to be free it’s me. As a friend. #Freehush”

The Dubai-based socialite was arrested alongside his friend, Woodberry in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Eyewitnesses in Dubai said Hushpuppi and his friend where ‘allegedly surrounded by the International police and FBI on the grounds of being fraud suspects’. Hushpuppi who said he will not come back to Nigeria has been accused of being an Internet fraudster because of his flamboyant and expensive lifestyles without a convincing business and source of his lavish lifestyle.

According to the unconfirmed charges by the Interpol, Hushpuppi’s Internet fraud gang were accused of exploiting COVID-19 benefits to scam the American government by diverting the benefits from the unemployed victims. The report alleged that the gang must have stolen over $35 million in unemployed benefits.

The latest reports suggested that Hushpuppi’s Internet fraud gang could have defrauded American states and taxpayers close to $100 million.

There were rumours that Amiyah Dyme and Hushpuppi were in a relationship, but there is no official confirmation from Hushpuppi. Unlike Mompha who had a family consisting of his wife and son, there are no known female companions known with Hushpuppi.