How to Crack TrustRank and Build Brand Signal for Google

Just like most people, Google also trusts brands. It even has an algorithm called TrustRank to determine how reliable a site is. If your site is trustworthy, your pages will always be preferred on Search Engine Result Pages. Wikipedia, Forbes, and NYTimes are some powerful examples. Here is how you can become a brand in the eyes of Google. 

Publish Original Content

Plagiarism and uniqueness are two different things. Your content may not have plagiarism, but it’s unlikely that it is unique. Research and create your own unique content that the user and Google won’t find elsewhere to gain their trust. 

Write a Detailed “About Us” Page

It won’t make much positive difference, but not writing a proper About Us page can have a negative impact. If you want to be a brand, you must believe in yourself. Share your story in detail on your website. 

Increase Branded Searches

Use the help of an SEO analyst to understand and increase branded searches. Brands are names recognized by their audience. When people start to search your name, Google will start to see you as a brand. Furthermore, increase the use of branded anchor text. 

Build Social Media Following

A large social media following shows that people know you. Invest extra time and resources to build social media following and keep them engaged. In addition to building TrustRank of Google, it will also help you increase website traffic.

Show Real-Life Presence

Just online awareness is not enough; a brand must have a real-life presence. Provide your contact number, official email address, office address, and social media links on the Contact Us page of your website and make sure this information matches the information you provided when registering the domain. Google is a domain registrar and can access all this information. Furthermore, create a LinkedIn page of your business and keep it active.