What Can a 3D Printer Make?

3D printing or also known as additive manufacturing is a process of making three dimensional solid items from a digital file. The construction of a 3D printed object is accomplished using additive processes. In that process, an object is created by laying down consecutive layers of material until the item is formed. This enables you to produce complex figures using less material than traditional manufacturing procedures.

The first 3D printing technologies started way back in the 1980s. During that time they were called Rapid Prototyping Technologies because the processes were considered faster and more cost-effective methods for creating models for product development within the industry. Numerous products can be manufactured at the same time, according to the requirements at no additional procedure cost. This brings benefits rather than traditional methods of manufacture. It was 2012 when the 3D printing process was introduced to the market.

Starting up the 3D printing process is a 3D digital model, which can be created using a variety of 3D software programs or scanned with a 3D scanner. The model will be sliced into layers, then converting the design into a file readable by the printer. The material processed by this is layered according to the design and the procedure. There are different types of 3D printer which process different materials in different ways to create the final piece. Plastics, metals, ceramics, and sand are now being used for industrial prototyping and production uses. Plastic is currently the most commonly used material, but there are now alternatives like Nylon. Nowadays, some machines have been adapted for foods like sugar and chocolate. 

Here are some amazing masterpieces you can make using three-dimensional printers:

Acoustic Guitar and Violin

Whether it is acoustic guitar, electric guitar, or violin you can simply make a 3D replica of your favorite instrument. 3D printing is cheaper and more convenient. With the use of it, guitars can be made with plastic and metal sound holes. The world’s first 3D printed acoustic guitar was made by Scott Sumi.

Camera Lens

Creating a handmade camera lens is difficult, but it is not impossible with 3D printing if you love photography. You can make your own unique style of the lens using acrylic to replace the glass on the lens and combine the other parts together. A camera slider can also be made through 3D printing.

Bookmarks, Desk Storage and Organizer

People love making DIY things. Most of us, especially OC people, love organizers. With the help of 3D printing, you can make your own storage and organizers with different levels for general purposes at home, school, or office. You can also print customizable bookmarks and clips using plastic to keep your files organized.

Dress and Shoes

3D printing can also be used in fashion. Most of the dresses and shoes used for modeling nowadays were developed using the technology. These things are cheaper and quicker to make. You can have your printed dress, swimsuit in your own style. With your shoes, 3D printing will create an accurate model of your feet combined with the details of your height and weight.

Toys and Prosthetics

Kids can also benefit from using 3D printing. It can also make toys that every kid prefers. With an app, kids can design the item that they want to create. This way they can enhance their creativity in making their own toys. 3D printing can also be a solution for replacing a missing part of your kid’s toys. Prosthetics can be one of the best things you can create using 3D printing. You just have to check for the exact layout and model. It can be beneficial for people with disabilities like an arm or leg prosthetics.  


It may sound unpleasant to print food, but it is also possible in 3D printing. It can function to create pizza, cookies, or even candies. In a study, 3D printed foods have more advantages because they do not contribute to global warming. This could be the next microwave in the future.

Tools and Buildings

If you need tools for your home fixing problems, making it through 3D printing is also possible. You can create scissors, pliers, screwdrivers, and even wrench. Just look for a 3D model online and you can quickly make your preferred type of tool. Through 3D printing, you can also make buildings. In a study, a Chinese company constructed a building using this technology and they used recycled industrial waste as their material. The printers were 6.6 meters tall and they used cement and glass fiber as ink which can manufacture 12-storey buildings.

Using three-dimensional printers is capable of creating almost anything. Clothing, food, and whatever you want is possible with the use of that. They say if you can draw it, you can print it. With the innovation of technology, everything is really possible.