Big Brother Africa winner, Uti Nwachukwu accused of rape on Twitter – denies allegations

Popular television personnel and Big Brother Africa reality show winner, Uti Nwachukwu has been accused of rape by a lady with the username @kambilikorie on Twitter.

The accuser took to the micro blogging platform on Wednesday a thread, accusing Uti Nwachukwu of raping her in 2017.

According to her, she has been living in torment and self blame since she was raped by the celebrity three years ago.

Narrating her ordeal, Kambili said that she met Uti in 2017 while she was an apprentice in a men’s clothing shop. She said that she knew Uti was hot tempered but never knew he was capable of raping someone. Kambili said that Uti told her she was beautiful and that he has a soft spot for melanin girls the first time they met and she blushed, telling everyone that she got a complement from a star.

According to Kambili, when Uti first made advances at her, she waved him off. And this was because she has seen him with his girlfriend, Angela a couple of times and they were about becoming friends. She said that Uti asked her for friendship, which she agreed on the condition that they will be nothing more than just friends. She said that Uti promised her he’ll connect her with a popular modelling agency so she can kickstart a modelling career.

Kambili talked about how she went out with Uti and how he visited her house. She said that as they got closer she started developing feelings for Uti so she gave him a little space, until the day he paid her a surprise visit. According to Kambili, Uti tried to sweet talk her into having an affair with him but she was resistant and it was then he said “I always get what I want.”

Kambili alleged that Uti Nwachukwu forced himself on her and raped her that day, and ever since then she has been living in torment and won’t be fine until justice is served. She added that she told her colleague and roommate about what happened but none of them believed her. And for this reason she decided to keep it to herself.

Reacting to the allegations, Uti Nwachukwu made a post on his official Instagram page, saying that if the accuser fails to disclose herself or report the crime, he will proceed to report the case to the inspector general of police for cyber terrorism and Libel.

He said:

I reject this characterisation and deny this baseless allegation in the strongest terms possible.
Furthermore I am urging this faceless victim to report this purported crime to the nearest police station.
I am willing to pay for all the fees you incur in reporting this alleged crime.
If after 3 days u fail to disclose yourself or report the crime, I shall proceed to report the case and the blogs and other internet host spreading this fake news to the inspector general of police for cyber terrorism and Libel.
I am appalled and disgusted that blogs are too lazy to properly investigate baseless claims before putting up badly scripted and edited posts on their pages all for numbers they get from the back and forth drama. Shame.
How do you put up posts from a faceless twitter page created months ago?
You put up fabricated and photoshopped chats and tweets doctored by these mindless trolls without proper investigation?
Once again dear faceless victim, 3 days and your time starts now.

See screenshots below:

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