North and South Korea exchange gunfire at border

Few days after its Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-un, resurfaced into public life, North Korean border guards shot at South Korean guards.

In a report by Reuters, North Korea fired multiple gunshots towards the South in the Demilitarized Zone, prompting South Korean troops to fire back, Seoul’s military told the news agency.

South Korean military sources reported that a guard post was hit by several shots, but no casualties were reported on the South’s side.

“Our military responded with two rounds of gunfire and a warning announcement,” the joint chiefs of staff (JCS) in Seoul says The South Korean military later says the North Korean gunshots were “not deemed intentional”

The incident could escalate tensions in the Korean Peninsula few years after the two Korean countries made moves to soften relations.

The Pentagon is yet to comment on the matter. However, the US could further bolster military deployment to its military bases in South Korea.

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