Staying alive is more important – Nigerian midfielder Ifeanyi

Forced to stay indoors due to the lockdown in Uzbekistan, Mash’al Mubarek midfielder, Ifeanyi Ifeanyi admitted he misses playing football but being alive and well is more important.

The former Akwa United player revealed that he has been trying to keep shape within the available space along with two of his other teammates who also stayed back in Uzbekistan following the spread of cornavirus pandemic.

Uzbekistan Football Association suspended all football activities in the country since Monday 16 March 2020 due to the precautionary procedures against the new Coronavirus known as “COVID-19”.

The decision included all competitions organized by the Uzbekistan FA, Uzbekistan Professional Football League, Activities of the National Teams, Women’s Football, Futsal, Private academies and others.

"It is the same thing all over the world, the Super Eagles player said in a chat with

"We all miss the game and everyone is at home for now because it is important to stay safe and be alive. I pray everything comes back to normal, it is tiring staying at home not doing what you would have love just the way you want it.

Ifeanyi said that the club has tried to provide everything needd to make them feel comfortable and he is hopeful that the league would resume soon by next month.

"My teammates from Uzbekistan have gone home to join their families, but for three of us who are foreigners who decided to stay back in the club house.

"The club is taking good care of us ensuring that we are not just there without care and we have enough for us to train just to be in shape."

"We understand that the club might resume training hopefully from first or second week of May," he concluded.

Uzbekistan as at today has recorded about 1,836 confirmed cases, with around 621 who have recovered while 8 people have died from the disease.