Lagos seals off Jumia warehouse for contravening lock-down order


The Lagos State Government has sealed-off the warehouse of one of the largest online marketing store in Africa, Jumia. This action was carried out by two agencies of government, Lagos State Environment Protection Agency (LASEPA) and Lagos State Safety Commission on Wednesday, April 1, 2020.

Another company,  SPN Packaging Studio Press Nigeria Plc, was also sealed off by LASEPA.  The agency also reportedly apprehended worshippers at Agege Central Mosque (Hausa Community).

Why the seal off: According to media reports, the two agencies sealed off the warehouse of Jumia for contravening the lockdown order imposed on Nigeria’s economic heartbeat by the Federal Government. Apparently, the agencies were tipped off by informants who reported that their staffs were asked to resume work despite the 14-day stay at order.

Lock-down exemptions: In a speech delivered on Sunday night the president ordered all businesses to shut down for a mandatory 14 week period, in a bid to contain the Corona Virus.

The only businesses exempted were hospitals, electricity generating, transmission and distribution companies, fuel distributors and retailers and food processing distribution and retailing businesses.

Upshots: E-commerce companies like Amazon has employed over 100,000 Americans on the back of increased orders for supplies since the COVID-19 outbreak in the US. Thus, it is surprising that Jumia an e-commerce firm will be sealed off.