EPL clubs to be fined £37 million each over suspension of matches

English Premier League clubs might be fined £37 million each by broadcasters if the 2019/2020 season is cancelled following the suspension of matches due to the spread of coronavirus in the United Kingdom (UK).

According to a report, the deal between the Premier League and broadcasting channels like Sky Sports and BT Sport states that both broadcasters will televise 128 games and 52 games respectively. However, with the suspension of the league until at least April 30, 2020, Premier League will not fulfil its TV commitments before July 31.


There are reports that Sky Sports and BT Sport are weighing legal actions to ensure their investment into televising the cancelled matches doesn’t waste. The Premier League’s current UK broadcasting deal is worth £5 billion. It was learnt that if the broadcasters succeed in their demand, the 20 Premier League clubs will cough out a total of £750 million.

Clubs are not willing to make payment: The EPL clubs are not willing to pay such fine as the suspension was caused by an epidemic beyond control. But the Premier League also intends to ease the tension in order not to damage relationships with broadcasters ahead of the next rights cycle in two years’ time.

Aside from the topflight EPL, the lower division leagues in England are also affected by the suspension of League matches across the UK. This is because the lower divisions earn lesser broadcasting revenue, while their major revenue source comes from matchday earnings.

It was reported that the 47 League One and League Two clubs stand to lose a combined £50 million in gate receipts, sponsorship and season tickets if the campaign cannot restart before the summer. This could lead to the clubs going out of business, so to prevent that, there are suggestions that the EFL, the Premier League and other soccer organisations should financially contribute.