Twitter reacts to Lagos State and Ekocab partnership


CEO of new ride-hailing platform Ekocab, Segun Cole caused a stir on social media when he revealed that his company was launching the taxi service app in partnership with Lagos State.

Ekocab seeks to bring back yellow taxis back to relevance in the state with the use of app which will see them compete with the likes of Uber, Bolt and Opay’s Ocar.

Meanwhile, with the recent ban on motorcycle in Lagos State by the government, many have suggested that the government was planning to launch its own services to make-up and alleviate traffic situation.

Segun, in a thread on Twitter said he has been a policy Consultant on New Mobility to State Governments. “Advising them on how to better Regulate the Industry and proffering solutions, he said in a tweet.

He also said that the prices would be cheaper and commission would be lesser compared to what obtains in the market.

The social community however did not take his comments lightly with some citing that the government owned Ekocab and there was no way the company would have been able to have a right to the name “Eko”.

Some other even suggested that the government deliberately wants to initiate stringent measure to frustrate the major players in the industry by insisting on License fees, hackney permits and Lagos State Drivers’ Institute (LASDRI) card for drivers certificate for drivers.

Segun further in his tweet also mentioned that Ekocab would indulge in the business of selling data with claiming that it is a norm with companies.

“At Ekocab, we want to take things further. There’s barely a Company that’s not selling Users data. Ekocab Mobility Data that doesn’t invade privacy and trade secrets would be sold and profits shared with our drivers.”

At the time of this report, the Lagos State government was yet to officially announce its involvement in Ekocab but one of its spokepersons, Jubril Gawat who is Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to the Lagos State Governor on New Media dropped made a pass on the matter

Would the Lagos State Government come publicly on Ekocab or would the business run like a private entity as presented by its CEO?  Stay with us for more updates and reactions.