What’s New In The World Of Crypto

The advancements in modern technology paved the way for cryptocurrency to make its way into the world over the past couple of years. A cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange that leverages on the blockchain technology. Cryptocurrencies have several advantages such as being fraud-proof and accessible, which is why even the top technology companies have their eye on it. Hence, it is noteworthy to take a look at what’s new in the world of crypto.

The Halving

There will be a crypto halving that will take place in the middle of the year 2020, to introduce a certain level of scarcity in the market. The main objective of this process is to substantially increase the value of the currency. The experts behind https://bitcoinrevolution.cloud/it/ took advantage of the success of the digital currencies, particularly bitcoin, to achieve substantial returns through a relevant app that they have developed. While trading will definitely continue, it is important to take note however that the value of digital currencies is not only dependent on the availability of the supply but the demand for it as well. The number of miners competing for a block may fall as the supply is reduced, making the trading of digital currencies less profitable, until a certain equilibrium is attained.

Market Consolidation

In the early years of the conception of digital coins, only a few ones proliferated in the market but their value was quite significant. Nowadays, there are more cryptocurrency coins out in the market, but their overall value is still significantly less than the value of the coins released during the early years. Nevertheless, this market consolidation resulted in a steady market that can be subsequently increased through mainstream financing.


Facebook, one of the largest tech companies announced the launch of Libra, asset-backed stable coin, in the next half of 2020. With a potential user base of over a hundred million, Libra may soon be in the top ranks of the cryptocurrency market. Aside from this, instead of being limited to a few, Libra may even open the use of cryptocurrency in the mainstream market.

Government Regulations

With more and more immensely huge tech companies seem interested in digital coins, it is most likely that the governments of different countries may step in and put in place certain laws and regulations in accordance with the best interest of its people. Apart from the standardization that can soon be laid, countries may find digital currency trades to be profitable by generating revenues from taxes. While no legislation is yet final, it can be deemed that this is something that can be expected in the world of crypto in the near future.

To wrap things up, it seems that people will not see the end of cryptocurrency anytime soon. On the contrary, more and more people are keen on observing the steady and stable rise of the cryptocurrency market. Thus, it can be deemed that there is a bright future waiting as the values of several cryptocurrencies rises.