Reasons why you support Chelsea and other football clubs

Chelsea were beaten 0-3 by Bayern Munich in the UEFA Champions League last night and it was the fulcrum of our discussion at the office.

Clearly, the Blues side were no match for the visitors who played at the Stamford Bridge like it was a comfort zone. They practically took the wheel and drove till the end. 

That being said, I was stunned at the number of people who rend their voices on the outcome of the match, believe me, Chelsea have got some real fans. I began to ask myself how did these people become fans of the Blues. 
Guess what I found out? Some mentioned that she started supporting Chelsea FC because of the colour of Jersey. Are you kidding me right now? “Blue is my best colour”, Sharon said.

This made me curious and so I decided to outline a few reasons why people support the various clubs they follow either religiously or passively. Please find my beer palour analysis of the reasons below:

1. Community Association: It is sometime natural for people who were born or live in certain locality to be a fan of the football club domiciled in the city. This is more popular in countries or societies where the some sect of fans own the club. For example, FC Barcelona is organized as a registered association and it’s almost 150,000 members form an assembly of delegates which is the highest governing body of the club. 

Many more clubs from other countries have this sort of arrangement which makes it easier for people living in the community to be a part of the club. 

2. Cup Winner Fans: These category of fans are those whose support can be likened to that of prostitute owing to the fact that they only go where the fun and fortune. In this light, Cup winner fans start supporting any team that ends up winning a title. It could be recalled that Chelsea’s famous English Premier League back-to-back titles in 2004 and 2005 bought them massive support from across the globe. The clubs had not won the Premier league for decades until the arrival of Jose Mourinho in 2004, boom! the club became the toast of many.

3. Style of Play: Fine passing, mesmerizing display and tiki taka as it is being referred to in modern day football are absolutely part of the reasons why some clubs have larger fan base in different parts of the world. Without much ado, Barcelona and Arsenal are famous for these style of plays which attracts individuals with love for flair. 

4. Love for players/coaches: Some fans are followers by nationality. What does this mean? Kanu Nwankwo drew many Nigerian football followers to Arsenal Football Club when he joined the from Inter Milan. Cristiano Ronaldo attracted quite a number of fans to Real Madrid after leaving England, and then departing for Juventus as evident on the streets today. The number of people wearing Juventus Jersey on the streets have grown.

5. By virtue of loved ones / friends: In this category, there are individuals who started supporting a particular club just to be by their loved ones (husband, boyfriend, friends etc). Having realized that their support for the club can help further strengthen their relationships, it is only wise to toll that line. 

6.  Jersey Colour: Following the discussion with my colleagues at the office, I realized that the issue of colour cannot be trivialized anymore. She made it clear that she likes Chelsea because of the Blue colour. 

Perhaps there are categories left unmentioned, please feel free to comment. But first, which part of the divide do you belong?

Image Credit: Google