Port loses N84 billion to SON’s system failure

The system failure witnessed by the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) at the port has caused the industry to lose N84 billion within the past two weeks. The failure, which hindered the link between importers and Customs’ server for clearance of goods, led to an estimated loss of N6 billion daily for the past 14 days.

The system failure occurred due to an upgrade being carried out on it. Uploading the SON’s Conformity Assessment Programme code into the system to get the Pre-Arrival Assessment Report has been unsuccessful for importers.

What’s the problem? It was disclosed that the applications used by government organisations were not developed for Nigeria and the processes were also not domesticated. This boils down to why the new system was problematic for importers, who were used to the former system.

This was disclosed by an Information and Communication Technology expert, Tunji Olaosun, who advised that SON needed to contact the developer of the application in order to resolve the problem because, without the involvement of the developer, all proffered solution would not solve the problem.

“If it is sending error message back, it means there is a problem in the connection between the developer and SON. If the person is not in Nigeria, they either reach them or build the system from scratch,” he told Punch in a report.