Toyota, Honda recall over 6 million vehicles over airbags malfunction

Toyota and Honda are to recall over six million vehicles worldwide due to the danger they pose for drivers. The automakers discovered there’s a problem with their vehicles’ airbags.  The recall, however, affects Toyota the most.

According to a report, the airbags in the vehicles won’t inflate on collision impact as required. It was disclosed that the airbags could be affected by electrical interference. The cars have airbag control computers made by ZF-TRW that are vulnerable to electrical interference and may not signal the bags to inflate. Owners of the vehicles will be notified by mid-March.

Toyota, Honda recall over six million vehicles as airbags endanger lives

Out of the over six million vehicles being recalled, Toyota accounts for 3.4 million. Toyota Motor Corporation is a Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer. Meanwhile, Honda, also a Japanese automaker, recalled about 2.7 million vehicles in the U.S. and Canada which have Takata airbag inflators.

According to a report by The Nation, since the government took over management of recalls involving dangerous Takata airbag inflators three years ago, one-third of the recalled inflators still have not been repaired. It was also disclosed that it’s possible for airbags to blow apart a metal canister and hurl shrapnel at drivers and passengers.

The vehicles affected by the recall include 2011-2019 Corollas, the 2011 to 2013 Matrix, the 2012 through 2018 Avalon and the 2013 to 2018 Avalon Hybrid in the U.S. According to the report, 12.3 million vehicles in the U.S. made by six companies could be affected as well.

Toyota in its reaction, said the air bags could open incomplete or not open at all if the vehicle runs under a different vehicle. It was also disclosed that the devices that prepare seat belts for a collision may also not work. Hence, a noise filter is installed between the airbag control computer and a wiring harness by dealers of Toyota while some dealers will inspect the computer to determine if some vehicles need the filter.


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