AC Unit Emergencies You Can and Can’t DIY

There is nothing quite like being a homeowner, it is by far one of the most rewarding feelings out there. Having a place to come back to at the end of a long day, sans an annoying landlord, is quite comforting and fulfilling. But having a place of your own is not without its challenges and complications, though. 

The biggest of those is the fact that it is you that has to take care of and repair any malfunctions around your place, which is a lot less entertaining than it sounds. One of the most annoying house problems you might encounter is AC unit emergencies and glitches. Some of those you can repair yourself and others will be out of your league. 

Decreased cooling efficiency 

This is one of the more common and the easiest to fix problems you can encounter with your AC unit. No matter what kind of air conditioning you have, an unclean or clogged filter obstructs the airflow and it messes with the unit’s ability to properly cool the place. This is one of the easier problems to handle, and you will need to take the filter out and wash it from all the dirt and pollutants stuck there. You should, however, also review the unit’s manufacturer’s manual to see if there is a certain duration after which you should replace the filter. 

The AC isn’t cooling the space

You will encounter that problem with your AC unit, sooner or later, and you might be able to take care of it on your own. If your AC is turned on and the thermostat is properly set, you might still not get any cooling from your system. This might indicate an unclean condenser, which is blocking the air circulation inside your unit. The first thing you need to do is to check your external unit and clean around it from any dirt or weed that might be obstructing the condenser from functioning properly. This is different from the previous case because here, there is no cooling at all, which is not likely to be because of an unclean filter. 

Frozen coils 

In case you didn’t know it, air conditioning units work when the built-in evaporator coils absorb the heat from the air and use the refrigerant within the coils, they cool that air and release it back into the room. Those evaporator coils cannot function without warm air circulation, and if they malfunction, the coil gets too cold and a layer of ice is formed on the outside. This is one of the trickiest air conditioning repairs out there and you will most likely not be able to handle it on your own. When you get this layer of ice, it means there is a problem with your evaporator coils or maybe the refrigerant within the unit. These are the types of problems that require professional experience to fix. This is why in such cases, it is best if you call a qualified HVAC expert to come and have a look. 

The AC unit isn’t powering up

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This is also a problem that a lot of people often encounter with their AC units and it might happen for a variety of reasons. You need to make sure the thermostat is properly set and that your unit is actually plugged in. You should keep tampering a little bit with the thermostat by lowering the temperature to see if that takes care of the problem. If that doesn’t happen, then you might be having a problem with your motor or compressors. In that case, it can be quite risky to try and fix the problem on your own because you might exacerbate the problem, which would only cost you more money than hiring a qualified person to take care of it from the get-go. 

Duct problems 

It happens quite often that you suddenly start noticing that your ducts are leaking onto the walls and making a mess. This network runs through the walls and ceiling, if it is indeed suffering from a leak, it can cause you all sorts of problems from mold to pest infestations. This happens if there are holes in the ducts, which might be the result of rats or rodents chewing on them or poor installation process early on. So, what happens is, the cooled air ends up within the walls where it isn’t not doing you any good, not to mention damaging the wall. This obviously costs you more money with the energy bills as the AC unit is trying twice as hard to cool the room, but to no avail. So, this is one of those cases where you need a professional rather than trying to fix it on your own. 

Yes, there are YouTube DIY tutorials on everything, and you can use them to fix certain problems with your AC unit. But that won’t work with each and every problem you encounter because some require experience and skills beyond your own. It is then that you should be called experienced professional contractors.