5 Reasons Why Students Invest in Cryptocurrency

The 21st-century student wants to get started on the road to financial success right during the college days! Students are looking for exciting, nontraditional investment openings they can identify with. Industrial 5.0 revolution offers one such great opportunity in modern times with e-commerce. Business transactions in a digital currency is the new craze and it is set to rule the future.  

Just like gold on international financial markets, this cryptocurrency is highly sought after by investment pundits. Both University and high school students are among those figuring out how to invest in cryptocurrency. Technology-based financial markets and related currencies seem to have a special attraction to millennials who are at ease with technology advancements. 

Here are five reasons why students are investing in cryptocurrencies.

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Cryptocurrency investment is technology-driven and resonates with 21st-century student

The one thing preoccupying college students is how to make money and life after graduation. Students are looking for investment avenues that are less traditional and in accord with modern times. 

So, what is the one investment that is less fastidious, less complex, with minimum to no entry requirements, and without intrusive oversight? One that students will feel completely in control of? 

Internet and digital technology have spawned just one such trendy e-business that students can understand. Cryptocurrency markets are exciting for tech-savvy students and, at the same time, lucrative for smart investors. Students feel they understand the blockchain technology behind cryptocurrency enough to control their investment.

Easy entry for student investors

The one outstanding benefit of Internet is the repository of information it holds for all to use. Aspiring student investors can get all the information they need on investing in cryptocurrency for beginners effortlessly online. This makes it easy for students to handle their cryptocurrency portfolio online without third party interference. 

From the numerous online sources, a student can learn what it takes to place their investment through the cryptocurrency exchanges, check performance trends, and price fluctuations using their personal electronic devices in privacy. 

The great thing is that a student virtually processes their own entry into this lucrative e-business investment and is not at the mercy of third parties.

Efficiency of cryptocurrency exchanges

Cryptocurrency exchanges are the equivalent of a digital Wall Street open 24 hours daily, making it easy for students to trade and follow their investments comfortably alongside their academic work. 

This ensures that their academic work is never compromised. And for serious academic matters that require a lot of technical input, students can get research proposal writing help from leading agencies online. This allows them time to track the performance of their investment in the crypto markets and make decisions in real-time.

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Free of third-party charges and better returns

The 21st-century student investors having a better grasp of technology find it easy to handle their transactions on cryptocurrency exchanges without the need for investment brokers. 

This naturally cuts out fees and levies for such players adding to the student’s profits. It is also a confidence booster when you know that decisions you make are entirely your own and not driven by another’s probably selfish motives at your expense.

Increased cryptocurrency acceptance by businesses an incentive to student investors

What use is having a currency you can’t buy stuff with? In the last five or so years, major corporations started accepting digital cash for their goods and services. Student crypto investors can now purchase licenses, apps, games, and even movies from Microsoft stores using Bitcoin. 

Overstock accepts Bitcoin for purchase of its products that include electronics, computers and households, besides supporting many other currencies like Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Bitcoin cash etc. 

For students wishing to travel, Expedia, one of the largest online travel agencies in partnership with Coinbase, now accepts Bitcoins for bookings. This is exciting and a big incentive for student cryptocurrency investors, especially since there are many more companies coming on board recently.


The cryptocurrency market is growing in leaps and bounds. By close of 2019, there were about 2,322 cryptocurrencies with a total capitalization of $349billion. Major market drivers include Binance Exchange who are leading by trade volume whereas Bitcoin controls the largest blockchain network followed by Ripple, Ethereum and Tether closely. 

This means cryptocurrency is fast gaining acceptance worldwide and with currencies like Bitcoin priced at over $9,000.00, it is a lucrative investment for a smart student. Increasing acceptance by major corporations for the purchase of goods and services could turn crypto into the one world currency of the future, and students with a prudent investment are poised to be the leading beneficiaries. 

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