How to Make an Impressive Presentation for the Big Meeting

If you have to make a presentation for a big meeting it can be hard to know what will impress your audience. You may have prepared the perfect slides how and rehearsed all your lines, but still, your audience does not seem interested. That is because you are forgetting some of the most important presentation tips and they are fundamentally basic. 

If you want your next presentation to impress your audience make sure you follow these simple tips. 

Tell a story 

Everyone likes a good story and if you want to make sure that your audience is paying attention to you as you present you will want to make sure you are telling them a story. As you are preparing for your presentation make sure you prepare a plan for your story. If you are selling a product during your presentation you may want to start off with a short story and slowly introduce your product to help hook your audience. You can then go on to explain what common problems your product can solve. Using this approach is a good way to keep your audience interested in what you have to say. 

Dress to impress 

There are many things you will want to consider when you are planning your presentation. The key to impressing your audience with your presentation is more than just having nice PowerPoint slides. If you are about to give a big presentation, of course, you will want to have nice slides, but you will also want to make sure you are dressed for the occasion. Often times, you will be presenting in front of people you have never met before. First impressions matter and if you really want to impress your audience you will want to make sure you look the part. Consider wearing a 3 piece suit the next time you present and you will most likely notice how impressed your audience already is just by seeing your outfit. 

Add some media 


If you are creating a slideshow for a big presentation you should consider adding different types of media to help entertain your audience. The biggest mistake people make when it comes to slideshows is just putting a big wall of text on each slide. This is one of the worst ways to create a slideshow. Instead, you will want to incorporate media like pictures, infographics, and even videos to help stimulate your audience. Using multimedia during your presentation can show your audience you truly care about what you are presenting. One thing to remember is that if you are going to add something like a video or audio clip, you will want to keep them short because long videos can also be boring for your audience.

Be passionate 

If you really want to impress your audience you will want to make sure you are passionate about what you are telling them. How can you expect your audience to be passionate about your presentation if you are not passionate about what you have to say yourself? Presentations can be long and boring, especially if the speaker does not really care about what they have to say. If this is the case, your audience may not be interested and they may not pay attention to your presentation if they become bored. 

Get creative 

The importance of displaying creativity in your presentation cannot be stressed enough. There is a good chance that the people you are presenting to have already seen hundreds and maybe even thousands of presentations. The best way to change things up, according to SlideHeroes, is to make an impact during your presentation by thinking outside of the box. If you really want your audience to listen to what you have to say you will have to make sure your presentation is not dull and boring.  If you have watched thousands of presentations they can all begin to seem the same. That is why it is so important to be creative with your audience so that they will always remember your unique presentation.

If you incorporate some of these tips into your next presentation you will be able to keep your audience engaged and on the edge of their seat the entire time. If you have a big presentation coming up it is important to remember that storytelling can be a useful way to connect with your audience. If you want to gain the attention of your audience right off the start make sure you dress for the occasion because first impressions matter and you will not want to disappoint or disrespect your audience by under dressing for the occasion. Also, it is important to remember that the most interesting presentations come from people with passion. Watching someone with passion deliver a presentation is much more interesting than someone with little knowledge or care for what they are presenting.