Top spots to upgrade your Marketing Skills

One of the best ways to start the coming year is to better prepare before it comes. Knowledge is power and the best way to enter 2020 is to get more knowledge because you will surely need it to become a better version of yourselves.
However, it is easy to get lost in the pool of information on the Internet. It could also be very tasking if you are new to the profession or you are planning to scale up your knowledge, skills and best practices.
From our talent and research team, here are the top four platforms we recommend to scale your knowledge:
If you are looking to upgrade or learn marketing strategy, campaign planning, digital asset creation and management, buying and distribution as well as analytics and optimisation, then, you cannot go wrong with Marketing Profs. If you are a novice to marketing, this platform would make you an expert with your effort and seriousness.
Learning complex things in a simple way is perhaps the ‘Holy Grail’ of knowledge. MOZ will not only provide you with tools and software, they also, curate some of the best articles on search engine optimisation, link building and web analytics. 
If you are looking to learn and upgrade you skills on customer retention, customer experience, SEO, sales process, sales prospecting, sales marketing and digital marketing, HubSpot is the go-to place. Apart from the treasure trove of marketing knowledge-base, you are also armed with best practices and tools to become more professional.
Social media is becoming more complex by the day, from its users to the technology and the regulatory frameworks guiding the ecosystem. However, the currency is unchanged. Marketers want to make their brands relevant within the social and viral communication on these platforms. Talkwater will not only show you how to listen, but you will also, learn how to use AI-powered software to leverage social in a profitable way.

First published in NEXTGEN, a weekly newsletter of SBI Media Limited