Telcos responsible for 85% spam calls – Truecaller

Most spam calls and text messages received by subscribers in the first 10 months of the year originated from telecommunications operators in Nigeria, a report published by Truecaller on Tuesday said.

Truecaller, a caller identity and spam detection firm, said analyses of calls and SMS marked as spam by users indicated that 85 per cent of the calls and messages were from network operators.

It said the investigation done between January and October 30 showed that 12 per cent of the spam calls and messages were scams while three per cent were from telemarketing firms.

“Of the spam calls and SMS received monthly by Truecaller users in Nigeria, 12 per cent were scams. Calls and messages from operators made up 85 per cent and telemarketing accounted for only three per cent of spam calls and SMS,” the Truecaller Insights Report 2019 stated.

The industry regulator, Nigerian Communications Commission, created a Do-Not-Disturb Code (2442) to enable consumers to deactivate the receipt of unsolicited messages in response to consumers’ complaints regarding spam messages.