Google Bans Election Ads In Singapore

Google has banned political adverts in Singapore, AFP reports.

The ban came to light when the tech firm sent a letter to an opposition party in that country.

The mainstream media in Singapore is a machinery for the ruling People’s Action Party.

“We have been highly dependent on social media and the Internet to get our message across to the people of Singapore,” Tambyah said in a letter to Google’s Chief Executive, Sundar Pichai.

“This new policy is alarming and very disappointing,” he added.

Google refused an attempt by the SDP to buy ads, referring it to Singapore’s regulation on influencing public opinion.

Google’s Vice President for Government Affairs and Public Policy, Ted Osius, said banning political ads “was not an easy decision to make,” a copy of his letter posted by the party said.

Another opposition party leader, Brad Bowyer, said it was disheartening since social media was bowing to the ruling party like the mainstream media.

He said, “It is very disheartening when the national media is controlled and now social media is kowtowing.”

General elections come up soon in the country serving as Google’s regional office in Asia.

Twitter had earlier banned political adverts across its entire platform – a stance Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg, has resolutely refused to take.