Jumia suspends Cameroon, Tanzania operations in two weeks

Jumia Group has suspended its e-commerce operations across two nations. A week ago, the e-commerce firm shut its business in Cameroon, a development that dismayed its customers in the Central African state.

The customers and clients of the African brand in Tanzania were also shocked when they found that the company has suspended operation in the East African nation too.

Jumia has shut down operations in five African countries. They are Gabon, Congo, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Cameroon.

Jumia reportedly suspended operations in Tanzania and the other African countries to focus resources on locations where revenue potential is higher. The company is now concerned with the markets that offer better value rather than merely expanding its operations in countries where purchasing power is low.

The shutdown in Tanzania didn’t come as a surprise to some, especially Nairametrics, which listed the East African country as the next possible target.

The surprising thing is that the news broke sooner than expected. Also, the manner it happened in the two countries could be attributed to the fact that the company’s workers in both countries were allegedly sacked.

Last week, Jumia, in a statement released after it shut down in Cameroon, said its model of operation wasn’t suitable for the Central African state.