After OPay, ORide, Opera launches OLeads SME platform


The parent company of ORide and OPay, Opera Limited has announced the launch of OLeads.

OLeads is Opera’s online lead generation platform for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

The company said in a statement that OLeads will offer unique tools for SMEs to maximise visibility and online presence, increasing awareness about their business, and helping ramp up sales.

According to the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN), there are more than 40 million SMEs in Nigeria. A major challenge is leveraging the rapid digital transformation as a means to scale their business since their operations today are mainly offline.

In addition, half of the Nigerian population is already connected to the internet with further adoption expected. With the release of OLeads in Nigeria, Opera is making the next leap forward in its strategy to transform the digital advertising ecosystem in the country by removing barriers for local businesses to come online.

“Nigeria is undergoing a rapid digitalization with already more than 110 million people on-boarded to the internet, and its estimated to grow to 188 million within the next four years,” said Per Wetterdal, VP of Global Business Development at Opera. “With OLeads, we are enabling millions of businesses to participate in this digital transformation, providing them a platform with user friendly tools and a fast and easy way to come online, reaching Opera’s massive user base.”

With OLeads, SMEs in Nigeria can easily create their first mobile websites and landing pages for their marketing campaigns. Oleads integrates seamlessly into the contextual advertising platform, Opera Ads, with direct access to Opera’s huge user base in Nigeria.