U.S. Jury formally indicts Obinwanne Okeke for $11 million fraud

Obinwanne okeke

There are indications that the trial of Obinwanne Okeke, the Nigerian man accused of perpetrating a wire fraud to the tune of $11 million is now underway.

A federal grand jury has now formally indicted Obinwanne of $11 million fraud.

It would be recalled that Obinwanne was arrested in the U.S. while making his way back to Nigeria. The decision which seeks to try him for the $11 million is in tandem in the deposed affidavit by the U.S Department of Justice.

According to media reports, the jury is recommending a forfeiture of assets to the tune of $11 million should he be found guilty of the charges.

Until his arrest was the founder, CEO and Chairman of the Abuja-based Invictus Group.