Before you fall prey to a predatory academic award, read this

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In recent recent times, predatory academic awards have targeted many developing countries. As a result of the quest for global relevance, unsuspecting scholars and academics have fall prey to these scams.
In this article written by Esther van Vosse, she explained how predatory award scams target their victims while reaping them off by selling mere baloney to them.
Read below:

I have written in the past about predatory journals and predatory meetings that we all need to watch out for. I receive emails daily aimed at prying my money out of my pocket for one of these scams. This week I received a new scam though and thought it would be good to share with you. It’s from a predatory award organization.

The heading is: Your research article is Winner at World Championship 2019 in Pediatrics.  Wonderful, I never knew that such a championship existed!

´World Championship 2019 organizes international meritorious competition every year for Best Thesis and Dissertation Award, Doctoral Research Award and milestone international research articles. It gives us immense pleasure to congratulate you for -´    It then refers to one of my publications from 2013 (!) that was actually the least interesting publication of the last ten years as it was merely a letter to the editor of some insignificant journal pointing out a mistake in an article they published.

You are a winner! …

The email is sent by an predatory award organization that calls itself World Championship 2019. When you click on this name, it leads you to the site: There, a long list of winners of the previous years is presented.  Many of the winners appear to be from developing countries. At the bottom of the page, you can also apply for honorary titles, such as an honorary PhD (for a fee of course).  The email goes on to ask to send a photograph and CV to and a registration fee. The fee of $500 needs to be transferred to a bank in India, and the beneficiary is the World Data Centre. This fee needs to be paid within a month otherwise the award goes to the next on the list…

This predatory award organization is located in India 

A short Google search reveals that the onlyreference to the World Data Centre in Rajasthan is in ResearchGate  where various researchers mention this new scam…

Predatory award organization

The person in charge of selecting the winner in the field of Pediatrics (I was selected from no less than 5220 nominations from 87 countries!) and signing the email is Lucieta G. Martorano from Brazil. Dr. Martorano appears to be a genuine researcher, in the field of Agrometeorology, a field that is clearly closely related to Pediatrics. She is also the 2018 Winner of the World Championship in Climate Change. I have asked her via email whether she is aware of these honors (she may not be!) but did not receive a reply yet. I will keep you posted.

Signs of a scam

The email clearly has all warning signs for a scam:

1) it is from an organization without a proper website with the name of the organization in the domain name

2) no proper contact information (street address, telephone numbers) of the organization is present on their website

3) an organization that uses free email accounts (yahoo, gmail, etc.)  instead of an email address that has the name of the organization in the domain name

4) the email is overall poorly written

5) they send you an offer that is ´too good to be true.´

6) you have to pay for whatever they offer without it being clear what you get in return

7) they use one of your research articles to flatter you, but the article is unrelated to the topic or too outdated to be credible.


What can we do

While to me the email is clearly a scam, the long list of winners on the site suggests a lot of people have been duped already by this predatory award organization. If everyone makes their colleagues aware of this new scam it may be harder for this organization to make new victims. You can tell them directly, or share (or ´like´ on Linkedin) this blog so others can read it as well.


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